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The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It This is an insightful read even if you are not a budding entrepreneur Gerber delivers the E Myth theory in conjunction with a series of conversations with a business owner he worked with and this helped me to see how his systems could be applied to my own projects Gerber s letter at the end of the book, admonishing us to keep the curtain up, is a great reminder to all of us to be open to change and to avoid the easy mindless slide back into our comfort zone.The E Myth Revisited is an accessible and thought provoking read definitely a book I will be returning tochokengtitiktitikchokeng Make sure you read past the Acknowledgements at the end of the book too as there are a couple chapters to go. I read the E Myth when I first started running my own business than twenty years ago, and re read it every few years to remind myself of the E Myth philosophy.This has been a life changing book for me.It first taught me that I don t want to own a job, I want to own a business Since that moment, I ve learned to work on my businesses, not just in them.This book provides the material to help change the mindset of any technician be they in IT, bakery, floristry on any business and offers practical advice on how to systemsise your business.I can t recommend this book enough for anyone who runs a business. There are many ideas and opinions on the methods for ensuring a successful business and these ideas often succeed or fail in roughly equal numbers At their heart, however, they all have one germ of agreement As comedian Harry Hill used to say You ve got to have a system.Gerber s method is basically saying the same thing You need to plan out how your business is going to work, document it and make sure everyone in your organisation follows the plan This is a fine idea and one that small and fledgeling companies need to be reminded of The problem is that the book surrounding the idea sounds like an evangelical speech made at a conference, complete with overly schmaltzy anecdotes and a large dollop of opinion.The primary opinion raised frequently in the book is one that I wholeheartedly disagree with and judging by internet opinion I m not alone, with reports and articles calling Gerber out for the same point He states that you need to organise your business around employing unskilled staff willing to follow a system to the letter This ONLY works if you come to the conclusion that The E myth Revisited is an instruction manual in how to design and sell a turnkey franchise business Gabe Newell, boss of the successful software company Valve, professed the opposite, stating that you should only hire people who are better than you at the task you re hiring them for A sensible point of view for those wishing to improve the performance and quality of their company, services and goods, but not a good point for those wishing to sell a business plan to franchisees.With that point in mind, the rest of the book takes on of the tone of a snake oil salesman, making it difficult to accept some of the points because the cynicism shield has been well and truly erected The clumsy anecdotal story scattered throughout the book feels like the shill offering to buy the professor s marvellous tonic This is unfortunate, since the latter sections of the book is where the really helpful information is.Basically, Gerber has tried to take the How to Sell a Franchise training courses and seminars his company creates and tried to distil them into a single volume However, he then wraps it all up in inappropriate advice for the general business owners the book purports to be for A shame. I was a little bit sceptical about this book when it was recommended by my business coach, but it has changed and enhanced my thinking in a very short space of time would highly recommend My book is now filled with dozens of little post its for pages to go back to and review do the work Can t wait to go through the process and see where it takes me, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel Would highly recommend whether you re a start up like me or a larger smaller business I can also see how it would work in my current employment , as the concepts carry and small changes can make a massive difference. We ve all heard the phrase, It s all about the fundamentals.E Myth is a book that prescribes a single business model to it s readers that, let s face it, doesn t work for most small businesses However, it does teach lessons to the business owners that do want to grow to be than a mom and pop shop.I work in big business IT as a Solution Architect which means that I do a lot of technology and business consulting and, despite the fact that I read this book over a decade ago, I still refer managers and business developers to this book saying, Read it Learn it Love it.Because this book, while prescribing a single business model, contains the fundamentals concepts for developing a good operational architecture fundamentals that so many managers simply don t know or think they don t have time to implement because they are spending too much time in the business and not enough time on the business.Read it Learn it Love it. In This Audio Edition Of The Totally Revised Underground Best Seller, The E Myth, Michael Gerber Dispels The Myths Surrounding Starting Your Own Business And Shows How Commonplace Assumptions Can Get In The Way Of Running A Business He Walks You Through The Steps In The Life Of A Business, From Entrepreneurial Infancy, Through Adolescent Growing Pains, To The Mature Entrepreneurial Perspective, The Guiding Light Of All Businesses That Succeed, And Shows How To Apply The Lessons Of Franchising To Any Business, Whether Or Not It Is A Franchise Finally, Gerber Draws The Vital, Often Overlooked Distinction Between Working On Your Business And Working In Your Business After You Have Listened To The E Myth Revisited, You Will Truly Be Able To Grow Your Business In A Predictable And Productive Way

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