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Anything to Declare?: The Searching Tales of an HM Customs Officer In Than Twenty Years, Jon Frost Has Worked With The Mad, The Bad, The Brave, The Stupid, The Spectacular And The Heroic In His Time As A Uniformed Officer Jon Seized Presidential Aircraft, A Working Tank, Cars, Lorries, Boats And Coffins And Uncovered Wild Animals, Killer Snakes, Bush Meat, Animal Porn, Poisonous Vodka, Dodgy Medicine, Bootleg Prescriptions, Pirated Pills, Toxic Alcohol, Firearms, Side Arms, Swords, Explosives, Stolen Gold, Dirty Money, Blood Diamonds, Child Pornography And Every Drug Known To Man And A Few As Yet Unknown Ones And The Dead He Searched Them Too.When Youve Confiscated Everything From A Suitcase Full Human Hair To A Live Monkey Hidden In The Lining Of Someones Overcoat, You Know You Can Never Return To A Normal Line Of Work.But Then Jon Went Into Undercover Customs Work, And Things Became Really Interesting.

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    I was worried from page one and by the end of chapter three, my concerns were so well founded, I decided to just delete this from my Kindle Unfunny jokes, a constantly reinforced high opinion of himself together with an amazing ability to be successful from day one, make no mistakes and immediately get the better of his colleagues and senior officers when jokes are

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    As a retired officer.myself, I must say I have never read such an inaccurate, self important load of rubbish in my life If I could have given it minus 10 I would have Most of the things he maintains he did were totally impossible for a person of his rank a low ranking assistant officer to have been allowed to do As an officer senior to him in rank, even I would have fou

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    Inflated self importance and lack of respect for other enforcement agencies abounds Disgusted by the language used completely unnecessary Disappointed How can any customs officer admit to criminal damage and receive respect

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    I could only read the first 60% of this book before it became a real chore, some of the facts within the book was quite entertaining such as the history why its called an airport seaport etc but its gets old real fast with someone who comes across as such a know all and is better than anyone else.He doesn t come across very like able and that detracts from the book, it could be v

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    Based on the premise that you can t please all of the people all of the time, I was still sorry to read the few negative reviews of this bit of fun To be honest, does it really matter whether every scene actually happened We all need a good giggle from time to time it keeps the corners of our mouths turned up the right way Jon s writing skills are to be complimented a lot of Confessio

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    A good read The writer knows his subject backwards and makes this an enjoyable read It is reassuring to know that such talented people are on the trail of criminals and the cruel importers of endangered animals I was very impressed with the intelligence and dedication of the author He made this book really interesting.

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    Should never have been written released, but an act of fiction or at least a roll together of lots of different jobs This officer signed the OSA when he joined, and is still bound by it.

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    Anything to Declare by Jon FrostAn excellent book about the stuff the general traveling public know nothing about but quite honestly should A well written account A good balance between serious and humorous I was even caught chuckling out loud I now have a much greater respect and understanding for the Custom and Excise people who guard our borders and therefore us Thank you.

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    Jon Frost is a great story teller sharing anecdotes from his time in airport customs, Intel, and investigations Having lived in the UK as a kid and traveled extensively there in my work career, this was a really fun read to see what goes on behind the search benches of HMCE Anyone not familiar with British slang may have to look a few words up, but it s a great read for anyone who s traveled internationa

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    A very interesting book all about the author s lengthy career in HM Customs in a multiplicity of roles Quite an eye opener too Very interesting, recommended

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    Really well written, a good read and very interesting, hopefully you have other books that I can purchase

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