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5 thoughts on “Monkee Magic: a Book about a TV Show about a Band

  1. Robert Robert says:

    An excellent book very in depth It s worth all the hard work the author put in the make it If you want to read a book that is just about the TV show then this is the one to get I highly recommend this book you won t be disappointed.

  2. Sandy C Sandy C says:

    This book says what it does on the tin in a highly informative and entertaining way I usually have it to hand whenever I m watching The Monkees show and the author has always spotted some event highlight action that I d missed It s probably the most thumbed book on my bookcase as I m always dipping into it Go buy this book

  3. hippychick hippychick says:

    I love everything to do with The Monkees and this did not disappoint me A must for all Monkee fans.

  4. Chris Spicer Chris Spicer says:

    Not good Very weak I have given to the Charity shop.

  5. Quiverbow Quiverbow says:

    There have been quite a few books about The Monkees over the years Some have been excellent and some have been abysmal The story of how and why Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter became The Monkees has been well documented, as has a delve into their music Until now, no one has bothered to take an in depth look at their television show and given their own appraisal on each episode Melanie Mitchell has taken it upon herself to do just that.What the author has come up with is slightly left field in that the 58 episodes are looked at alphabetically and not chronologically It may seem a strange thing to do as most would put them them in order of air date, but that isn t a detriment to this book, as the content wouldn t be any different and any time the show is broadcast it tends to be in a haphazard fashion anyway Mitchell doesn t actually give a synopsis for each episode either rather she deconstructs each show between the lines so to speak Following that is her own take on what she calls zingers funny lines and clunkers errors in continuity and plot, etc., which isn t that important in a show such as this sight gag highlights, nitpicking, and a few other bits and pieces.What is also shown is how the series continually broke down the so called fourth wall where the participants knew they were in a television show You think that was something, you should see what happens after the commercial and Where did you get that It s in the script on page 28 One episode even had Tork showing his prompt notes to the camera, whilst another has the four issuing directions to a cameraman.It s not only the television episodes that are looked at Head and the two TV specials, 33 And 1 3 Revolutions Per Monkee and A Lizard Sunning Itself On A Rock from 1997 are also included in a similar vein Seemingly out of place by being mixed in between this A Z are a few special narratives One looks at how the music was incorporated into each show the romps , another at the female characters, and one at so called adult characters Surprisingly, not only does this form not detract the flow, I think it actually adds to it by breaking up what could have been something pedestrian.There is no publisher listed, so I m guessing it s self published but the printing by , editing and design is good My only disappointment is that, save for the cover, there are no illustrations Now this might be down to budget constraints or being unofficial, but it would have made this a five star rating otherwise.You can t read this without thinking to yourself that you either agree or disagree with the authors rating of each show Fairy Tale is looked at in poetic form, with the rating incorporated into the verse but that would be just quibbling Whilst everything here is obviously subjective, what you read does make you want to watch the episodes again just to re acquaint yourself with those particular bits mentioned, so in that respect the book works.

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Monkee Magic: a Book about a TV Show about a Band Before the first gold record, before the first concert tour, before the Monkees racked up four number one albums in a single year and outsold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, THE MONKEES was a half hour TV show, airing Monday nights on NBC Join a nostalgic viewer as she rediscovers the magical series of her childhood, exploring the episodes with a warm heart, a critical eye and a sentimental sensibility From teeny bopper bubblegum to psychedelic experimentation, from matching blue eight button shirts to eye popping paisley, from playful romps to sophisticated performance videos, watch the sideburns grow and the love beads multiply as the revolutionary, rebellious little rock n roll TV show cheerfully pokes the corporate network television machine and paves the way for boy bands, MTV and American Idol Monkee Magic a Book about a TV Show about a Band provides insightful commentary about allepisodes of the original MONKEES television series, as well as the feature film Head and the groups two stand alone TV specials With a wry sense of humor and just a little bit of affectionate snark, the author notes comedy highlights, running gags, nitpicks, obscure cultural references and inside jokes Its a fresh view, a provocative analysis and a whimsical journey for dedicated Monkees fans and nostalgic boomers alikeIain Lee, broadcaster and Monkee Maniac, says At last, THE MONKEES TV series is given the respect and the detailed study it has long deserved While their music is seen by many as timeless and classic, the onscreen antics of the pre fab four have been criminally overlooked Now the groundbreaking and innovative show is gathered together in one well written and passionate book