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Grateful Table: Blessings, Prayers and Graces I saw the author Brenda Knight talk at a bookstore the other night and I was moved and motivated by her story of how gratitude turned her life around We all need to get in touch with our humanity and share with each other This book of blessings is a blessing in and of itself I will turn to it again and again when I need to get back in touch with my attitude of gratitude. What Would Happen If You Sat Down To Dinner With The Likes Of Alicia Keyes, Jonathan Safran Foer, Drew Barry, David Lynch, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Alton Brown, Neil Gaiman, Deepak Chopra And David Foster Wallace Fascinating Conversation, Without Doubt And One Of The Things All These Folks Have In Common Is That They Practice Gratitude And Have A Lot To Say About It All These Thinkers And Luminaries Are In The Grateful Table Making This A Thoroughly Modern Book Of Blessings, Both Heartfelt And Deeply Profound Saying Grace Is One Of Our Loveliest Traditions And One That Has Stood The Test Of Time For A Good Reason It Simply Feels Wonderful Whether You Hold Hands And Pray To The Heavens Above Or Wax Poetic About The Bounty Of Food, These Blessings Turn Any Group Of People Into A Family, Connected By The Power Of Gratitude Compiled By The Editor Of And Collaborator On The Runaway Best Seller Attitudes Of Gratitude, Brenda Knight Has Employed The Practice Of Gratitude For Years So often I feel like I m always praying about being grateful for the same things day in and day out until I got this book It s categorized by month and has short paragraphs and sometimes just one liners of gratefulness from movie stars etc and by reading one in the morning and at night it expands my gratefulness personally. I attended a reading by the author Brenda Knight who shared her story of going through some really tough times and then finding her way back to a better life through the positive power of daily gratitude I am now reading from her marvelous book of blessings each and every day and it is really working for me I give The Grateful Table my highest recommendation A helpful book to remind us daily of all the many things we have to be grateful for

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