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The Creative Life: True Tales of Inspiration I found this book to have no purpose It s random journal entries for a period of her life The problem is she only talks about things on the surface She may talk about a meal or a show she saw but that s it Nothing about how it inspires her I found that I didn t care about her friends and what they were doing because the fact is the shows being created during this time will never go anywhere.The only plus of this book was it was a fast read. Once again, Julie guides me through my writing days with stories from hers A comfort and delight daily I look forwar to I really liked the creative diary approach to this book It just proves how much is involved with choosing this occupation Work with enjoyment, enjoyment with work Very entertaining and inspirational.thank you Julia and keep up the good work. It seems to me a diary not adapted for a reader What are the conclusions of all those lunches, rehearsals and meetings, what is the message A Passionate And Inspiring Guide To Creating A Life Built Around The Creative Process This Groundbreaking New Work From The Best Selling Author Of The Artist S Way, Guides Listeners In Creating A Vision For Their Lives In Which Art And Life Are Inextricably Linked According To Julia Cameron, When We Allow Our Creative Spirit To Serve As Our Compass, We Discover That The Art We Have Always Longed To Create Is Suddenly Within Our Grasp In The Creative Life, Cameron Shows Listeners How To Use Their Creative Hearts And Minds To Cultivate Lives That Nourish And Sustain Their Art Through Beautifully Drawn Scenes From Her Own Life, As Well As The Lives Of The Many Artists Around Her, Cameron Reveals That Creativity Flourishes During The Quiet Pauses In Our Lives And That It Is Only When We Allow Ourselves To Slow Down And Savor Life That We Discover Ways To Depict It Sensitively And Poetically In Our Art By Opening The Curtain On Her Own Life And The Lives Of The Artists Who Surround Her, Cameron Reveals A World Rich With Creative Possibility

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