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Write Every Day: How to Write Faster, and Write More (Rock Your Writing) If you value becoming successful at writing commercial fiction, you will undoubtedly find some helpful tips in this inexpensive book The author recommends asking yourself four questions What s holding me back How might those obstacles be dissolved What steps are necessary to dissolve them How might similar obstacles be prevented from forming Based mostly on her own personal experience and examination, she identifies 4 major obstacles time, energy, fear, and inadequate systems processes, routines She provides tactics for dissolving each of the four For example, with respect to time, she recommends tracking it, making yourself accountable, setting SMART goals, focusing on progress rather than perfection, and setting priorities None of these are new ideas, but she relates them in a personal way designed to help make the reader s writing productive. Do You Want To Write Novels Maybe You Re Having Trouble Finding Time To Write In A Busy, Jam Packed Week Maybe You Re Exhausted When You Do Manage To Carve Out Some Time To Write Or Maybe, When You Ve Got The Time And Energy, You Either Waste Time And Then Wonder Where The Day Went Or You Face A Blank Page, Unable To Type Anything Decent Pinpoint What S Stopping You And Find Real Solutions Write Every Day Is Specifically Geared For Fiction Authors Who Are Juggling Busy Home Lives, Work Lives, And The New Pressures To Build A Platform While Simultaneously Producing Books Instead Of Rote Advice Ie Just Get Your Butt In The Chair And Write It Gives Clear Instructions For Zeroing In On What S Really Preventing You From Writing, And Then Offers A Selection Of Simple Suggested Solutions To Carve Out Time, Get Focus, And Gently Dissolve Writer S Block Similar To Other Books In The Rock Your Writing Series, Write Every Day Takes A Wealth Of Resource Material And Distills It Down Into One Clear, Helpful Approach This is the first book I ve read by this author and, considering the price and other factors, I expected it to just be a fluff book that regurgitated all of the writing advice that I had already heard a thousand times Fortunately, I was wrong.The title is somewhat misleading What you are actually getting is a book that helps you work through all of the issues that might be preventing you from getting your butt in the chair and writing every day Is it a lack of time, a lack of physical or mental energy, crippling fear and self doubt, or a problem with your writing process Her descriptions of what each one feels like and what warning signals to watch for rang true for me And yes, sometimes it can be than one, or all four at once, that are keeping you down.If you have ever beaten yourself up over not working hard enough to make your writing dream a reality, please read this book Stop hurting yourself and start looking at what the underlying problem really is.Completely worth the 2.99 price tag. Being a writer and running a writers group lets me see, read and hear about a lot of writing books that are supposed to help get inspired and productive but honestly they all or less say the same things SO I wasn t too enthusiastic when I thought Id buy this one but the description seemed a little different so I took a chance on seeing what this author had to say I was amazed to find out that she actually did some out of the box thinking and gave some real helpful NEW ways to manage time and see the whole idea of time management from a writers real perspective.I highly recommend this to all writers, new or experienced. I bought this ebook because while I m a fast writer in general, I haven t been getting as much writing done as I d like Cathy Yardley s Write Every Day helped me tackle some of my issues when it comes to writing in my case, it s not that I don t have enough time, though she goes generously into detail about how to carve out your time and make it sacred, to yourself and others and then practical tips on how to keep writing, making it sustainable and part of a daily habit that is blocked out Is she going to do your writing for you No Nor is this a how to write book But it is a book I d recommend to any writer, because it hones in on the specific issues writers face and pushes you to both examine them and then take practical steps so you ll have no excuses The action plan at the end is especially useful I say this as someone who is in many ways loathe to implement some of these tactics but have seen that keeping track of my time does indeed prove that I can do the writing I want, I just need to prioritize it Yardley also offers and quotes from several websites I ve found very useful This is both a shot of encouragement and a step by step list of things you can do to keep better track of your time and maximize it for writing Well worth the price From the first 10 20 pages I began to wonder if this book was going to offer anything new Because it s a short read it didn t take long to get to the points that applied to me Maybe this was the right book at the right time, but it resonated with me that I m not going to be as great as I want every day of writing I ve blocked out time and learned I have ample time to write Now I need to work on writing when I can and not beat myself up when it doesn t happen This book was short and sweet but the necessary points were made and when one takes action on the suggested exercises it does help to move forward This book gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get over myself and get to writing regardless of what life s throwing my way.

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