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Elon Musk: A Look inside the Life of a Mastermind Entrepreneur, Visionary, & Self Made Billionaire You Re About To Learn All About The Life Of One Of The Most Innovative And Successful Entrepreneurs Today, A Look Inside The Mind Of A True Visionary Here Is A Preview Of What Elon Musk A Look Inside The Life Of A Mastermind Entrepreneur, Visionary Self Made Billionaire Contains A Look Into Elon S Early Life And Family Elon S Vision A Comparison Between Elon Musk And Tony Stark Starting From The Bottom Elon S Early Entrepreneurial Ventures Elon S Advice For Others Who Are Seeking Success A Look Into The Stories Behind PayPal, Tesla, And SpaceX Elon S Foundations And Philanthropic Involvements Elon Musk S Inspirational Future Plans Elon S Best Quotes And Much, Much

8 thoughts on “Elon Musk: A Look inside the Life of a Mastermind Entrepreneur, Visionary, & Self Made Billionaire

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    There is nothing in this book you can not find online with ease A simple google or youtube search will dig up useful info then this book Not only that but it repeats itself A LOT and has no direction nor does it follow any type of narrative Its a mush of info that is written very poorly.Not worth it.

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    Badly written Felt let down Poor book Took 20 mins to read cover to cover.

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    Terrible Thought I was buying an in depth biography BUT it is a leaflet of roughly 20 pages.Bad English and grammar throughout.

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    My son wanted to do his school biography project on Elon Musk and this was the only physical book we could find It is very short and bare bones You can learn as much from Wikipedia and a few articles you google Ultimately, he took information from articles and interview transcripts than from this book The information in it is clear it s not badly written But the author had no access to

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    Concise and a quick read for sharing the story of the greatest mind of our time When Elon Musk released his patents to the world, I was blown away Elon Musk is a true humanitarian who is launching innovations like the affordable electric car solar power converted to small, powerful batteries that can provide free power for our homes SpaceX rockets to supply the ISS and our first mission to Mars A

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    Just another book in the market full of information compiled from the internet I have come to conclusion there are no good books that talk about the life of Elon Musk.

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    It s not a book It s a pamphlet less than 1 4 thick compiled of some stuff you can find on the internet, but unlike wikipedia, it provides no references to any of the sources I m surprised has such loose controls about what they will permit to be marketed on their site.

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    should be ashamed of itself for misleading people and selling this garbage Never in my 56 years of existence have I bought a book so poorly written It must have broken the world record for spelling mistakes What a rip off.

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