Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister - The Complete Audio

Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister - The Complete Audio Collection For the first time in one audio collection, allYes Minister radio episodes plus six further TV episodes,Yes Prime Minister episodes and two bonus sketchesBetweenandon BBC television and radio, the exploits of the Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP Paul Eddington later Prime Minister kept the British nation enthralled Helped and hampered by his diligent Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby Nigel Hawthorne and his Principle Private Secretary Bernard Woolley Derek Fowlds , Hacker and his department became synonymous with government bureaucracy and administrative double dealing Presented here, for the first time in one collection, are the complete radio series of Yes Minister and the complete BBC television soundtracks of Yes Prime Minister Also included are six TV soundtracks of Yes Minister and two special bonus mini episodes The PM s Plan , recorded inwith Margaret Thatcher as herself, and a special segment created for The Funny Side of Christmas in

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