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The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle eBooks on Amazon I really liked this book, so much so that I was happy to link it within another review It s a pity that the title is so generic because when I put Kindle Publishing Bible within the product link search, I was greeted with 109 pages dedicated to the Holy Bible and couldn t be bothered to scroll through all the pages to find this book This could possibly mean lost sales, which goes against the grain of what this book is all about.Despite this faux pas, this book is rammed full of useful information and good links I m not a fan of external links within kindle books, but each link in this was valid and worthwhile and not the usual free bonus rubbish that cheapened and killed the whole ebook scene a few years ago The chapter on using Google s keyword tool and s search tool is not as straightforward as is mentioned within this book, but still important information To sum up, this is a very good book, which is very similar toMake A Killing On Kindle Without Blogging, Facebook Or Twitter The Guerilla Marketer s Guide To Selling Ebooks On , which incidently came up first on the list when I searched for it within the insert a product link facility. What a helpful book I ve been referring back to it and the pages I bookmarked to help me get my own book ASIN B0052U88N4 Stop Stressing Start Living The Complete Guide to Managing Stress and Creating the Life You Desire Includes FREE audio version, guided meditations, 1 year self help email coaching ready to launch on Kindle This was quite a daunting task, as although I love writing I was a complete novice when it came to marketing and promoting my book on.I found the book was laid out in a very logical action sequence and it just seemed to help take all the stress pardon the pun out of publishing my book I like that Tom has given links to his blog where it s easy to access things like html instructions and the list of promotional websites.Really good book and I would highly recommend it to any other novice publisher like myself. With so many how to succeed books available on the Kindle marketplace, the mind tends to boggle and wonder just where it will all end, will any one book be better than another, do I buy this book or should I try another I will admit to already having bought a few similar books but, and let s put my view right in the first paragraph, had I bought this one first then I need not have bought the others.Having published for real in paperback, magazines, newspapers throughout the world since I was a young teenager, I was reluctant to move into the self publishing arena, and even reluctant to try my hand at the eBook market What convinced me was my beloved iPad which, shamefully, I do not use as much as I should but which is the best way of reading a book I have ever come across coupled with having read books on my pc for some years, of course.It seemed mind boggling ploughing through all the instructions on the help pages but, and this is important, those pages are designed to assist new publishers in the eBook field and so are quite comprehensive As Tom tells us in this book, being able to write using Word or similar software that will provide a comparable final file is all that is actually required Sure, it is good to be able to convert to the required web file, even better if we are able to address the HTML code that results and tidy it up which, thankfully, I can do , but, and as Tom points out so markedly in this book, what is most important is that a writer writes and gets the book online and live Revisions and full edits can come later although, for my part, I do spend many days on the edit process before I upload the file, but that is just my way of doing things and I do have the time available to do it.Over the past 3 months I have been able to upload 13 books fiction, poetry and non fiction to Kindle and have been pleased with the initial sales The poetry was the most difficult to format but, thanks to some excellent blogs that I could use and using my own small HTML knowledge, I was pleased with the end result which at least looks like poetry on the page and not one word per line as I came across with one volume of Whitman I even discovered a completed manuscript, Kissing The Train, which I did not even remember writing Reading through it, I have decided it is my best fiction but also the hardest to read and understand But no one said reading should be easy either We all need to get something out of the reading experience and provided we don t have to reach for a dictionary every 5 minutes, a book that makes us think will live with us far longer than a book that we skim through and toss aside.And what did Tom do for me with The Kindle Publishing Bible He made me think, and that is not as easy as it might sound I had already revised some of my covers from the initial uploads, especially Kissing The Train, so I was pleased to find that Tom discusses this in his book and it added to my own confidence that I had done the right thing Considering changing titles, that was a very thought provoking section Would I do it Damn, it was hard enough finding the titles in the first place, and for fiction that is never easy But, and this is where we come to the absolute essential part of Tom s book, but should I not at least consider that my titles are not good enough, at least for search engines This review might seem like rambling, I enjoy rambling, I am famed for it although anyone reading this will see instantly that I have already led to the point of Tom s book He has made me think, he will make you think Rather than writing and publishing, he will make you wonder if there really was that you could do Remember, when self publishing there is no benefit of a publisher s editor to review the work and offer suggestions, there is no one else who even looks at the cover as a rule until it is uploaded Tom, and others, are not sat with us but reading through his book has made me wonder just what little tweaks I could do, even on simple things like covers and titles.Yet Tom s advice does not end there His examination of KDP Select and of using the free promotion days is particularly helpful and I can see that I wasted my own promotional days during the first three months My next 90 day period will be due shortly and I will be sure to employ Tom s advice this time Had I bought this book a few months ago instead of buying other cheaper titles, each of which were very helpful in their own way, but Tom s book would have saved me time and given me a better direction.It was Tom s use of the word Bible in his title s that actually put me off buying this book first That, though, is my subjectivity because his book is not a bible, it is not fully comprehensive, it does not spend endless pages examining all points minutely Even so, what IS contained in these pages is a fluent, easily read series of notes with information that can be applied to every eBook that we upload Tom is also not afraid to remind us that as writers we should not be precious about our work and that we should always remember that, when self publishing, we are running a business where the craft of writing the text is only one part of the process We have to be both artist and businessman woman otherwise we will just flounder.I have totally ignored the occasional formatting error in this book, it did not detract at all from the reading and that is what is important I wish I had bought it first but I have not lost anything really since the last 3 months have been spent getting my work prepared and uploaded Sure, I have other manuscripts ready, sure I have a novel that I really need to get back to because 50,000 words already written should not be wasted, and sure I have lots of ideas in notebooks But with 13 of my books already on Kindle and all of them selling, now I need to apply some of the ideas that Tom proposes It will cost me nothing but a little time and effort.Who, then, is this book for Is it for the beginning novelist Is it for those who have already published I would suggest that it is for everyone who is in the business of writing and of self publishing, especially those who use the Kindle platform I am therefore giving this book a 5 star review because of the fluency of the writing and the ease with which Tom has imparted the information he wished to say Far better to have 100 pages of text that is useful than 400 pages where 75% is just waffle.Therefore, if you are hesitating over spending your hard earned pounds or dollars if you are in the US just click the Buy Now button, you really do have a lot to gain and, after reading just the first few chapters, I knew that the information in this book was worth every penny cent Before I close I will add that I am not related to Tom, I am not one of his friends and I have not been approached to write this review for him.Stephen Williams If You Re A Self Published Author Without A Large Platform Or Following, You Will Never Be Able To Promote Than The Published Authors With Huge Marketing Budgets But You Can Outrank Them On Search Every Time Why Because % Of Kindle Authors Don T Know How To Increase Their Search Engine Rankings In And Google But I Do And I M Going To Show You How In This Book It Won T Cost You A Dime To Implement These Strategies Most Authors Even The Ones With Publishers And Big Marketing Budgets Have No Idea How To Do Keyword Research, Tag Their Book, Add The Right Search Keywords When They Publish Their Book Or Insert Keywords In Their Book Description Without It Sounding Like It Was Written By A Robot I M Going To Share With You My KDP Select Free Promotion Marketing Formula For Getting Tens Of Thousands Of Readers To Download Your Book In Just Days All You Have To Do Is Read The Marketing Formula Instructions And Follow Them It Takes About Hours Of Work To Get Thousands Of New Readers If You Think Your Book Is Going To Sell Itself Think Again If You Re A Novelist, You Have To Show Your Readers The Story And Engage Them In It Or They Won T Buy A Book From An Unknown Author And If You Re A Non Fiction Author, You Have To Tell Potential Readers How Your Book Is Going To Help Them Solve Their Problem Fast Or They Ll Click Away Without Buying I M Going To Show You The Show And Tell System For Selling Books On Kindle By Giving You Readers What They Want And Overcoming Objections In Your Book Description Kindle Marketing Isn T About Having A Big Marketing Budget Or Publisher Behind You But You Still Need Exposure And A Great Offer This Book Will Help You With Get Exposure With Search And Other Great Marketing Tips

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle eBooks on Amazon book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Corson-Knowles author readers around the world.

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