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You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) Jeff s short and sweet book has helped me realise that I am a writer He gives practical steps and ideas to help us take the steps we need to do not only to show others that we are worth it, but to help us to convince ourselves He has shown me that I am worth it through simple words ands actions I can do Practice my craft, show up every day and constantly, daily repeat the mantra I am a writer Read the book and find this out for yourself Thanks, Jeff, for you timely help. Becoming A Writer Begins With A Simple But Important Belief You Are A Writer You Just Need To Write In You Are A Writer, Jeff Goins Shares His Own Story Of Self Doubt And What It Took For Him To Become A Professional Writer He Gives You Practical Steps To Improve Your Writing, Get Published In Magazines, And Build A Platform That Puts You In Charge This Audiobook Is About What It Takes To Be A Writer In The St Century You Will Learn The Importance Of Passion And Discipline And How To Show Up Every Day To Do The Work Here S What Else You Will Learn How To Transition From Wanting To Be A Writer To Actually Being One What Good Writing Is And Isn T How To Stop Waiting To Be Picked And Finally Choose Yourself What It Takes To Build A Platform Why Authors Need To Brand Themselves And How To Do It Tips For Freelancing, Guest Blogging, And Getting Published In Magazines Different Ways To Network With Other Writers, Artists, And Influencers The Importance Of Blogging And Social Media And How To Use It Well To Find Readers And Fans Of Your Writing You Are A Writer Will Help You Fall Back In Love With Writing And Build An Audience Who Shares Your Love It S About Living The Dream Of A Life Dedicated To Words And It All Begins With You I ve always thought that motivational or self help books are only effective when the reader is receptive to what the writer has written You can read the best book in the market on any subject but if you re not in the right place or frame of mind to accept the message, it might have little or no impact on you Why do I like this book so much For that exact reason I ve been writing for years and understand most of the challenges Jeff identifies in this book Sometimes all you need is for someone to tell you it s okay to be worried about your position in the writing world but that the only way to change your situation is by taking or continuing action It s that simple I recognized myself on every page Jeff Goins speaks about being and becoming a writer, describing both roses and thorns of a writer s life His personal experience of becoming a writer through declaring that he is one shines through every page and inspires confidence His advice is brilliant, just like his blog, which I have been following for a while He writes about his struggles and triumphs, and I think about my own No writer is alone We all go through the same whirlpool of feelings Jeff teaches how not be a victim of those feelings and win despite all.If there are writers out there who wish to be heard but their voices are drowning in the roaring crowd of the Internet, Jeff s kind and confident words are what they need to hear He teaches without condescending, he inspires with his honesty he does not flatter you.He has only three words for you Platform Brand Voice Build, develop and find your own A remarkable book. I stumbled upon Jeff s blog, then manifesto and then the new eBook I love his honest and heartfelt approach It isn t easy to sit down and write especially when there are so many other distractions, personal resistance and comments from others both good and bad This eBook has given me the motivation to start writing for me, if others enjoy it too, then that is an added bonus If there are barriers stopping you writing, this eBook is definitely worth reading to get you back on track And from this point forward I am a writer Like the sound of that. The ideal text for in the closet writers yearning to come out yet too feeble to act I bought this book a little over two months ago and did the tsundoku but when I finally got down to reading it yesterday, I blasted through it and oh , did it resonate This is a much needed writer s morale booster and motivator If it were any better, it would be illegal Oops Pardon my manners, I forgot to introduce myself I AM A WRITER What a great book Jeff Goins shares his journey to becoming a writer and gives specific strategies to write and share your work and ultimately, to make a living from it Throughout he emphasises hard work over inspiration or dreaming, and makes it clear that writing for a living is no easy option G love the straight talking and the specific steps Goins offers to get your writing known and working for you I bought this having seen Jeff Goins speak at the Self Publishing Success Online Summit and I wasn t disappointed. I had seen Jeff Goins in site and to be honest, I wasn t captivated by the looks though he was just another wannabe entrepreneurs.Then I came across this book on a sale, grabbed it and started reading without knowing who the writer was Guess what I was totally blown off His style was so easy to understand and fun to read that the whole book flew in a few hours When I saw who the writer was I was hitting my head in the wall for not giving him a chance earlier The guy s amazing Totally recommend him You ll get all the right info you need in a funny and digestible way thumbs up off to his next book

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