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Bedroom Makeover and Decorating Ideas: How to Create Your Ultimate Sleep Oasis I am currently undertaking a few household projects, one being to give my bedroom a makeover When I first bought my house I was in a big rush to get my bedroom together and after a few years it is time to reset things a bit I have always had an eye for color but some of the suggestions in this book are interesting I never thought that keeps a journal of things I found inspirational could be applied to redoing my bedroom Overall the book gave a lot of good information and ideas on how to go about not only making over the bedroom but some tips on getting a better night s sleep The only tip that I can t say would work for me is the idea of not charging the phone in the bedroom While I know it can be a distraction I am one of those people that uses my phone for everything, including my alarm clock I am going to try and use the sleep setting that comes with my phone since it will keep all sounds off until my alarm goes off in the morning Overall it is a nice, short read with a lot of good tips and ideas. Number One In Decorating, Number One In Design Construction, Over , Downloads You Re About To Discover How To Create You Very Own Ultimate Sleep Oasis The Bedroom Is A Special Room In Your Home A Space Where You Can Unplug, Draw The Curtains And Forget About The World As You Recharge For The Next Day No Wonder People Often Turn To The Bedroom As The First Candidate For A Makeover No Matter The Budget, People Understand The Power Of Refreshing And Enhancing Their Living Spaces, And Whether You Re Going For Extreme Remodeling Or Just A Fun, Quick Fix Here And There, You Can Really Transform Your Interiors While Bathrooms And Kitchens Are Public And Visible To Your Guests, It S The Bedroom That Will Benefit Most From Some Decorating Attention After All, It S No Exaggeration To Say That The Quality Of Your Day Rests On The Quality Of The Sleep You Had The Night Before If You Create A Luxurious, Intimate Sleeping Space, You Re Inviting Relaxation, Indulgence And Comfort Into Your Life When This Little Sanctuary Is Created Just Right, You Ll Be Refreshed And Rejuvenated Come Morning Here Is A Preview Of What You Ll Learn Evaluate Your Current Bedroom Plan Your Makeover Prioritize Spending Focus On The Bed Be Your Own Interior Designer It S All Natural Decor Bits And Pieces Getting The Lighting Right The Perfect Temperature Harmonious And Balanced Bedroom Layout And Take Action Today By Downloading This Book Bedroom Makeover And Decorating Ideas The content of this book is quite good However it s or less a black and white leaflet Very thin and lots of pages half full and last few pages are totally blank. I tried watching all those interior design home makeover shows to get some ideas on how to do our bedroom just right But it s not as easy as it looks But picking up this book was definitely the right decision The chapter on Harmonious and Balanced Bedroom helped me realize that I was not even thinking about balance when it came to the makeover I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to not only makeover their bedroom but their kids as well Also great for a dinner conversation I can finally be the know it all I knew I was I purchased this book together with the feng shui book by the same author as we just moved in to our new house Like the other book, it s packed with information and tips on designing the bedroom It is very basic, easy to follow, and designed to help you have a better sleep There s also a bit of personality trivia like what your favorite texture says about you Again, there are no images which I always prefer with books like this I am also hoping the author would come up with other books for designing other areas the whole house would be a great idea I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a simple fix in designing their bedroom. I recently discovered this author Sam Siv and I am quickly amassing a collection of his books because of the practicality and sage advice contained within the pages of his books.I bought this book and read it in the same day for two reasons 1 It speaks about decorating the bedroom my oasis 2 It gives some very practical advice about getting better sleep.If you are thinking of doing anything different to your bedroom decor you may want to peek inside this book before moving anything. Rarely do I buy a book on and find it a disappointment This book is like a pamphlet Each chapter is 1 2 A5 size pages long that s not a chapter, that s a couple of paragraphs Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 2 Evaluate Your Current Bedroom are exactly the same WORD for WORD I m not kidding That s not a proof reading mistake, that s just ridiculous Written content is about 18 pages in total including pictures and white space The pictures are all black and white and totally uninspiring You d get value from a blog post Don t waste your money This was complete rubbish Bad English, bad grammar and repeated large sections of the same thing Should really not be allowed to be sold as could get better information and content from free online search What a waste of money This is a joke The so called content is a few pages of black and white print and some chapters are less than a page It s a con had to put one star to submit but it s a zero.

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