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Anno Dracula - Dracula Cha Cha Cha What S The Best Way To Approach Newman S Brilliant New Addition To His Reinvention Of The Dracula Myth Is It To Expect An Eccentrically Plotted, Flesh Tingling Horror Tale With Some Stunningly Orchestrated And Grisly Set Pieces Or Is It Look For A Highly Intelligent, Post Modern Riff On The Vampire Concept, Stuffed Full Of Clever And Witty References To Both Real Life And Fictional Characters Actually, It S Both Since The Groundbreaking Anno Dracula, Newman Has Not Been Content To Turn Out Merely Efficient And Atmospheric Thrillers Although He Can Do That As Effortlessly As Anyone In The Genre Clearly What Excites Him Is To Extrapolate Elements Of An Over Familiar Genre Into A Richly Textured Picture Of A Society Victorian England In Anno Dracula, And A Fascinatingly Realised Rome In The Late S In This Latest Book Into This World Of La Dolce Vita, Paparazzi And Coins In Fountains, Newman Injects His Highly Individual Spin On A Society In Which Vampirism Is Endemic The Jet Setters, Intellectuals And Vampires Of The Eternal City Are Talking About The Forthcoming Marriage Of Count Dracula In Italian Exile From Transylvania To The Moldavian Princess Asa Vajda Some Speculate That This Is The First Step In Dracula S Master Plan To Reassert His Supremacy As Lord Of The Undead But This Is Essentially A Backdrop To Newman S Real Story An Implacable, Terrifying And Enigmatic Figure Known As The Crimson Executioner Is Bloodily Dispatching Vampires In The City Coming Closer And Closer To Some Grim Revelations Is Newman S Insecure Journalist Heroine Kate, But The Masterstroke Here Is The Involvement Of Undead British Secret Agent Bond However, This Isn T Quite Ian Fleming S Sardonic Character And The Other Literary Characters Finding Themselves Involved In The Operatic Blood Letting Include Patricia Highsmith S Tom Ripley, Among Many Others The Brilliance And Wit With Which Newman Reinvents These Characters And Incorporates Them Into His Own Outrageous Narrative Will Probably Make It Difficult To Ever See Them In The Same Light Again But Never Do These Mordantly Funny Reinventions Overwhelm The Inexorable Progress Of The Plot, And Kate, Struggling With Her Own Vampirism, Is A Heroine As Richly Characterised As Any In Mainstream Fiction And When It Comes To Delivering The Goods In Terms Of The Gruesome, Newman Has Few Equals Something She D Never Seen Before Happened To Malenka Pockets Of Blubber Bulged Under Malenka S Skin, Inflating Her Face, Her Belly, Her Thighs, Her Torso, Her Arms She Ballooned, Splitting Like Overcooked Sausage White Stuff, Veined With Red, Bubbled Out Of Her Rent Skin Her Dress Exploded Barry ForshawHe Writes With Sparkling Verve Dracula Cha Cha Cha Has Full Rations Of Gore, Shocks And Sly Laughs The TimesNewman Is At His Best When Creating Vampire Works, And Dracula Cha Cha Cha Is Easily One Of The Best Vampire Stories Ever Told Check It Out Today BioGamer GirlNewman Does It Again He S Taken His Own Story, Filled It With Characters And Themes From A Variety Of Different Sources And Yet Somehow Managed To Create Something Original That Somehow Fills You With A Sense Of Nostalgia Bad HavenA Fun, Sly Read For Both Anno Dracula Fans As Well As Newcomers It Manages A Fine Balance Between Seriousness And Jokey Irrelevance Roll On The Next Anno Dracula Book We Say SciFi Movie Hype ReviewIf You Already Read This Book When It First Came Out And You Re A Fan Of Newman S, You Might Want To Get It Anyway Because A Titan Books Really Gave Those Books Some Absolutely Fantastic Covers Dracula Cha Cha Cha Has A Cover Like An Old School Movie Poster Very Stylish And B There S An Additional Brand New Novella Included Here Called The Aquarius I Won T Spoil That One At All, But It S The Same Level Of Quality Of Writing So Yeah, Get It Trash Mutant ReviewEnjoy The Book For It S Weird Quirkiness And Movie Star Surprises Atomic MooThe Story Adds A Heady Mix Of Mystery, Thriller And Alternative History To Create Something Utterly Unique One Metal Review

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    Oh dear While I loved the first of Kim Newmans Anno Dracula books I feel we have gone steadily downhill and are not caught in a mishmash of ideas and unfinished plots The start is excellent, set in Rome, well described and Dracula is once again set to marry Poor Charles is terminally ill

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    Third book in the Anno Dracula series, and this time Newman takes his vampire heroines to Rome, 1959, to attend the wedding of the greatest vampire Newman practically invented metatextual fiction, in which characters and images from other things are woven through new novels Alan Moore gets the cred

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    Of the four Anno Dracula books, this is the weakest But Newman on poor form is better than many authors bringing their A Game Still worth a read, especially for the homage piss take of a certain British secret agent.I m also annoyed that Newman skipped WWII after the events of Bloody Red Baron and went strai

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    If you want a romp thru late 50 s pop culture and high society mythical, legendary and fictional, then this thoughtful non sparkly vampire tale is for you Newman always manages to give depth to his protagonists, and 3 female characters dominate the plot,to its benefit We find out of the drive and motivation of Genevi

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    Maybe the weakest of the series, but no less enjoyable It feels like a middle act, falling in between two story arcs But, as usual, Newman s delightful writing and the wonderful setting still warrants five stars.

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    Bought this as a present, recipient loved it They loved the fact that the references were recent and fitted well in to the format of the book.

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    I loved this book The james Bond Dolce Vita scene it sets is fantastic However, as with all of the KM books that I have read, there seems to be a bit of a dip of quality in places That said, it s a great book I cannot recommend it enough.

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    I always enjoy Kim Newman s books, the way he includes characters from other books as well as plenty of witty references.This was no let down and is a good, solid mystery to boot,

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