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The Photoshop Workbook: Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques eBook: Glyn Dewis: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store Some good and useful things in this book The author picks out basic problems you can come across when compositing and how to put them right The second half of the book illustrates Photoshop techniques based on a set of projects.The author refers to Topaz and Efex filters Selections and Cutouts Chapter 1 can be made redundant if you have Topaz Remask filter A really annoying thing is that the practice photos used in some chapters are can only be found in other chapter headings so you have to hunt around for them I found it convenient to remove them form their download chapter headings and put them all into one group. Glyn Dewis Is A Photographer, Retoucher, And Trainer Based Just Outside Of Oxford In The UK Working Both Nationally And Internationally, His Work Sees Him Shooting Promotional And Commercial Material For Industry Professionals, Physique Athletes, Musicians, Bands And Actors An Adobe Community Professional, Glyn Teaches Workshops And One On One Coaching Specifically Covering All Aspects Of Adobe Photoshop From The Basics Through Advanced Retouching Techniques, And Glyn Is An Instructor At Scott Kelbys Photoshop World Conference Glyn Can Be Found Online At Glyndewis, As Well As At His YouTube Channel, Which Has Over , Subscribers There a very few books that explain how to use photoshop usefully Especially in the area of cutting out and creating montages It s a very useful book from that point of view While I have found the instructions correct the set by set format could have been clearer with images used to explain what to do It would be difficult for a beginner to follow as a lot of steps are not specifically outlined There are a few weird quirks in the book One standout one is P43 to 49 where is goes through a particular image One of the characters in the image is pixelated out The author must not have had permission to use their image Why would you use an image to demonstrate something that you had to pixel out It s really weird I ve never seen that in a book before I wish someone would write a detailed book on how to do images and collages you find in Advanced Photoshop step by step Magazines like that expect readers to have a huge amount of previous knowledge to start with.So overall a good book but prepared to be confused if you are a beginner. Been waiting for this workbook from Glyn Dewis for a while, and I wasn t disappointed one bit The workbook takes you through steps for professional looking images and techniques which you learn and can apply to any future work using Photoshop Great tips and useful tricks is also learnt along the way.I purchase the Kindle addition for my iPad and was totally sold when using the iPad in conjunction when working on my image.I highly recommend this impressive Photoshop workbook from Glyn.Go get it guys and girls.. There are many books upon Photoshop and creative techniques and most of them are below the required standard Either they spend too long on the basics or they focus on highly specific projects which don t have general application All change with this superb publication For those with a reasonable knowledge of Photoshop, this book in a very easy to understand way provides lots of useful techniques to go to that next stage The first chapter is concerned with selections for composites and is worth the price of the book alone Loaded with a fund of ideas and techniques that have real value should really have 6 or 7 stars out of 5. I have bought and used a range of Learn Photoshop texts This which I bought in the kindle edition is the best one I ve used for giving concrete and useful exercises that allow you to produce a pleasing result from the very first exercise I haven t finished the book yet, but I have had lots of fun with it and definitely learned a lot already.So why four instead of five stars It seems to me that the further I get into the book the knowledge is taken for granted and then occasionally something doesn t work as it should Whether this is an error in the exercise ie suggesting you should paint your mask with black instead of white or the user who sometimes should read things carefully is hard to say at this stage but it is frustrating when it goes wrong and I can t work out what I m doing wrong. This is the most brilliant book if you want to master Photoshop I have spent a fortune on teach yourself Adobe CS5.5, some better than others but this one definitely is just what I am looking for I edit the local magazine and need to really get to grips with getting the best out of photographs, selection, cut outs etc the lesson s in this book really are step by step, easy to follow and you download the files, as shown in the book, to work on This was dead easy to do following the instructions in the front of the book.The only downside is that the price varies from day to day I ordered at 24.79, on Prime, waited 5 days for delivery, refused delivery, reordered at 15.29 and got it the next day Have to say help contact us were ace at facilitating this Today it is on sale at 18 something so just no rhyme or reason Best wait for a cheap day.

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