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In Cold Blood (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Truman Capote, Scott Brick, Random House Audio: Audible Audiobooks okay, so this one i want to review i dont know why this became a super best seller in its day, and i dont know why a true crime author whose book i absolutely adored recommended this one as the top best true crime book ever I mean, it s fine Yes, it s well written, okay, sure But it s not well written tot he level of a masterpiece, i dont get why it became that is the story compelling It sure has its moments Do we get to understand the criminals and the victims yes we sure do Does that make it a masterpiece Not to me But it does deserve 4 stars Will i ever read it a second time Never I ll probably drop it off at some location where I go for vacation, as a donation, lol. Lo avevo letto a spizzichi e bocconi mentre facevo la guardia ai miei due nipotini Gregorio 5 e Melissa 3 anni, dopo averlo trovato nella libreria del padre mio figlio , venendo anche accusato di mancata sorveglianza L ho comprato per leggerlo in santa pace dall inizio Storia nota efferato omicidio da parte di 2 sbandati, mal informati da un compagno di prigione, di un intera famiglia nella bible belt degli stati uniti rurali Capote con un ampio uso dei documenti giudiziari interviste in loco ai testimoni ed investigatori della strage ricostruisce la personalita di carnefici e vittime, ricostruisce la fuga disperata dei due la gigantesca caccia all uomo del FBI, fino all esecuzione dei due sulla sedia elettrica, il libro si chiude con l incontro nel cimitero del paese di Capote con l amica del cuore della figlia uccisa, la vera eroina della vicenda, che suuppliva nella conduzione della famiglia la madre dentro e fuori dalle cliniche psichiatriche, il padre lavoratore indefesso leader degli agricoltori e consulente della Casa Bianca ai tempi di Eisenhower in cui si svolge la vicenda, comparse scialbe le due sorelle maggiori sopravissute perche lontane, la piu giovane delle quali si sposera la settimana dopo i funerali approfittando dei parenti venuti da lontano ancora presenti Sul fatto che sia un capolavoro assoluto della letteratura mondiale non ci sono dubbi, non e una fiction e tutto vero Solo Truman poteva riuscirci.Per i pochi giorni che ho impiegato a leggere il libro ha aleggiato intorno a me il grande Philip Seymour Hoffmam l interprete, purtroppo scomparso, di Truman Capote nel film omonimo, e me lo ha reso ancora piu vivo e vero e presente. On November In The Small Town Of Holcomb, Kansas, Four Members Of The Clutter Family Were Savagely Murdered By Blasts From A Shotgun Held A Few Inches From Their Faces There Was No Apparent Motive For The Crime, And There Were Almost No Clues As Truman Capote Reconstructs The Murder And The Investigation That Led To The Capture, Trial, And Execution Of The Killers, He Generates Both Mesmerizing Suspense And Astonishing Empathy In Cold Blood Is A Work That Transcends Its Moment, Yielding Poignant Insights Into The Nature Of American Violence I feel I m the last person to have read this classic about a Kansas farmer and his family who are viciously murdered by two crooks, a crime without apparent motive or clues but I m not surprised at all that this remains such a compelling journey, that five decades later.Capote surveys the lives of the Clutter family, painting a vivid picture of the 1950 s Midwestern small town USA.While the stunning farm is brought to life, the individual members are examined in details that never seem verbose The patriarch, Herb Clutter, is especially depicted as it later turns out he is the most barbarically slaughtered of the victims Along the way, the sundry and colorful inhabitants of the village of Holcomb, the upheavals in the life of the idyllic farming community and the lives of the investigators obstinately determined to solve the apparently unsolvable and what appears to be the perfect crime are examined in such a beautiful, yet considerate, flowing prose that I was bonded to the narrative till the last sentence.But what sets this book apart is Capote s central analysis of the killers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith He deconstructs their lives in a fascinating arc, from their troubled childhood to the events leading up to the crime and their eventual capture and punishment The parallel stories of the felons are intricately woven, alternating with the investigation and never once did I feel overwhelmed.The ultimate result of the striking journalistic work by Capote done with his childhood friend Harper Lee, as I later learned and his fluent prose, is an unprecedented treatise on two dishonorable lives spinning out of control.He makes you realize that they are, after all, very human too The frightening realization is that with some twisted fate, any one of us could have been in their shoes Some may even sympathize with them, and probably that scandalized a lot of the conservative 1960s readership.The book succeeds in questioning our belief in capital punishment the relationship between mental illness and the effect of childhood vicissitudes parent child relationships moulding a person s life choices.A few details of this non fiction novel have been questioned by critics, but this is a path breaking work of American crime writing and it makes me wonder why Capote wasn t awarded the Pulitzer for this, if not the Nobel Prize I m sorry I let this masterpiece rot away on my shelf for so long I m not even a tad ashamed to proclaim that I m in love with the literary genius of Truman Capote. Though I m not at all inclined to read crime novels I read this as part of a 100 must reads list Incredibly well written and extremely engaging As the book weaves between the criminals lives and that of the force investigating their crime he also subtlety injects the lives of those around them The feelings of loss,shock and fears felt by the small towns occupants are clearly laid out as well as those of the people closely involved with the killers.Though some sections were a bit to meticulous in detail and we have to assume some of it is completely fictional conversations between the killers during their flight it in no way impedes the feelings of empathy, disgust and senselessness around the entire event.The reason I steer clear of true crime novels is that it pains me to say that an excellent book was written because completely innocent people suffered a horrific crime I do not blame the author in any way whatsoever it s just difficult to reconcile the two elements together I have found the phenomenon of Stockholm syndrome very strange and counter intuitive Such is the power of the story built by Truman Capote that by the time you finish this book, like me you would possibly accept its possibility.This is my first book by Truman Capote and I m already looking out for his other works After finishing the book I immediately went through his first published short story Miriam , online With In Cold Blood Capote started the genre of fiction like novels based on facts and real incidents I m enchanted by his ability to build up fiction like thriller inspired and developed from real gruesome killing of four members of Clutter family in sleepy countryside Holcomb, Kansas USA in 1959 This is a seminal work of great literary importance by Truman Capote Though a non fiction, the novel is as dramatic, shocking, intriguing and imaginative in description as any fictional thriller could be.The novel is divided into four chapters.This is not typical who done it kind of a suspense thriller If you don t have any prior knowledge of the Clutter murder case before starting , by the end of the first chapter you would know who committed this infamous and heinous crime Nonetheless, the most intriguing part HOW remains with you till end of third chapter where author divulges shocking details of how the murder was committed , what was the instrument of murder and what was the motive It also expounds the chilling details of what goes inside the mind of a murderer while is still at his task Second chapter is primarily devoted to the personality and background of the murderers The last and final chapter details the aftermath of arrest, subsequent interrogation and corroboration of the crime committed.Truman Capote had claimed that all the facts mentioned in the novel were true and is result of exhaustive research that he carried out His childhood friend Harper Lee assisted him in his research Though few fingers were pointed to his approach and unethical ways of gathering information especially his relationship with Perry Smith while he was in custody is still a matter of debate whether it was a platonic relation or something than that Some say he was extra generous to the Alvin who was heading the case and eulogized his work ethics and proactive approach in cracking the case.Despite moral and ethical issues raised and certain biases that the book is claimed to have, the novel cannot be ignored by reader who appreciates well researched and authentic thriller that too coming from genius of Truman Capote The author never loses the track and is spot on.No wonder this is the second biggest selling true crime book in publishing history, behind Vincent Bugliosi s 1974 book Helter Skelter I now know what book is on my reading list next. There is one thing that bothers me about this case Floyd Wells, the prisoner who was Dick Hickock s cellmate in Lansing who had worked for Herb Clutter years previously, set him up to be robbed and his family murdered by telling Hickock that he Clutter kept large amounts of cash in a safe in his home which motivated Hickock to plan and execute the heinous slaughter of four innocent people In my opinion, Wells most likely would have received a share of the loot had the crime been successful which would be the only logical reason for telling Hickock about Clutter When the crime turned out to be a bustFloyd Wells blew the whistle on Hickock and Smith which led to their capture, conviction and eventual execution However, if not for Wells.Herb Clutter and his wife, son and daughter would never have been murdered Wells was an accessory to the mass murder and, in my opinion, instead of receiving 1000 reward and an immediate release from prison..he should have been hanged Yes, it s true that he provided the first significant lead that led to the apprehension of the killers.but many clues were left at the murder scene and the investigation would have been relentless and the case would eventually have been solved without Wells. This is a story that does not lose its edge over time Despite the fact that this is true crime from the 60 s, I found it impressive to read about the solid police work that assisted in catching these two cold blooded killersand quickly I believe if any of us experienced this and lived afterward we would vote for the death penalty to be reinstated. In November 1959, two men drove into the small Kansas farming community of Holcomb, broke into the Clutter family s home and brutally murdered the four occupants, Herb and Bonnie Clutter and their two teenage children, Nancy and Kenyon Before the murderers were caught, Truman Capote decided to write about the crime, so went to Holcomb to interview friends and neighbours of the victims, residents of the town, and the men investigating the case It wasn t long before the perpetrators were identified and captured, so Capote continued his project by writing about the trial and its aftermath the imprisonment and execution of the murderers, Perry Smith and Richard Dick Hickock This book, first published in 1966, is the result.Capote approaches the subject from three angles, the victims, the townspeople and the murderers, with the narrative rotating among them The Clutters, as portrayed here, were fine people, upstanding members of their community and their church, good neighbours and well respected The children, especially Nancy, seem almost too good to be true, and I couldn t help but wonder how much the old adage of never speaking ill of the dead had influenced the picture Capote paints So even at this early stage of the book, I had begun to wonder how much reliance could be placed on Capote s account of the people involved.This feeling grew as the book progressed and Capote recounted as if they were facts things that he could only have learned from his interviews While this may be fair enough with regards to the innocent people involved though even then, oral testimony, especially when given not under oath, is notoriously unreliable , taking the words of Hickock and Smith at their own evaluation and drawing inferences as to their characters from this shaky evidence left me in a kind of limbo as to whether the book should be considered true crime or a fictionalised novel I believe it gets categorised as a non fiction novel a description that seems deeply contradictory and problematic to me, designed to allow inaccuracies to pass unchallenged.To be clear, I found it extremely readable and, viewing it as fiction, the characterisation of the murderers is wholly credible Capote seeks to understand them by going back through their early experiences for clues as to why they turned out as they did Smith in particular had a terrible childhood, with an alcoholic mother who pretty much abandoned him and a father who was at best an intermittent presence and a disruptive one at that Hickock is difficult to pigeon hole his family seemed both respectable and caring Capote ventures into psychiatry for answers, using the reports that were drawn up for the men by their defence team He gives a relatively nuanced picture, neither seeking to whitewash them nor to wholly condemn.His portrayal of the impact of this horrific crime on the small community is equally convincing In a place where people didn t feel the need to lock their doors at night, the intrusion of this horror seemed incredible, and Capote shows how for the first time neighbour began to suspect and fear neighbour The arrest and conviction of the murderers couldn t wholly put the genie back in the bottle, as Capote describes it the townspeople s feelings of security would never be the same.An interesting omission is the perspective of the Clutters two older daughters, neither of whom lived at home While Capote gives us some facts about them, we don t get to know them at all nor to learn how they fared in the future I could only assume that they refused to be interviewed for the book.Some of the later scenes felt too contrived to be true, and I later learned on looking at wikipedia that some of the people involved had indeed denied their truth For example, the scene where the wife of Perry s jailer holds his hand while he sobs after being sentenced to death felt like something written for a Cagney film or perhaps copied from one And the super convenient final scene, played out between the chief investigator and one of the friends of young Nancy, now all grown up, provides a heartwarming conclusion of the restoration of order and the rebirth of all that is good and hopeful in life, and I didn t believe a single word of it According to wikipedia, the investigator later denied that it ever happened.So I have very mixed feelings about the book overall It s not got the essential truth to be true crime, and yet it s presented too factually to really be considered a novel And yet, it is beautifully written and intensely readable, and while it may not have factual truth, it feels as if, with regards to the personalities of the murderers, it may have achieved some kind of emotional truth certainly emotional credibility, at any rate I quite understand why it has a reputation as a classic of the genre I m just not sure what genre it s a classic of Perhaps it should be viewed as a one off, uncategorisable And as such, I m happy to recommend it. A brilliant book written in an engaging and nail biting manner Non fiction is not my go to genre but after reading this I am looking forward to exploring of truman and similar writers A must read for anyone who wants to read things from a different perspective This book is not just about the murders but delves into the psyche of the murderers and makes you think about how things are just not black and white, there is a lot of grey as well This was an experience.

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