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Happiness A to Z: The Gleeful Guide to Finding and Following Your Bliss Happiness Is Around Every Corner, But Every Once In A While We Need A Map Or Pointers On How To Find It This Book Is Just Such A Guide, With Chapters Filled With Ideas And Inspiration Joy Unites All People, And Words Are Often How We Best Express Our Joy Happiness A To Z Is The Perfect Collection Of Power Thoughts And Insightful Quotes That Expresses Some Of The Best Ways To Get Happy From Exploring The Excitement Of Being Fully Alive To The Adventure Of Exploring The World S Most Zestful Experiences, This Collection Of Quotes Takes You Through The Most Important ABCs Of Life One Thing The World S Wisdom Traditions All Agree On Is That All States Of Higher Being Are Not Attained By Stumbling Around An Unmarked Road To Blisstown But As A Result Of Doing Inner Work And Self Development Bliss Means Connecting With Your True Self Deeply And Arriving At A Place Of Ease And Awareness If You Do Follow Your Bliss, You Put Yourself On A Kind Of Track That Has Been There All The While, Waiting For You, And The Life You Ought To Be Living Is The One You Are Living I love this book and once I started reading I just was so happy to read all the great Happy ideas to lift oneself up It has so many inspirations for everyday living. I got this book as it seemed like a good New Year read, a way to have a happier 2015 Turns out, it is an excellent change your life kind of book It also has much depth than I would have thought and includes philosophies of everyone from Joseph Campbell to Houston Smith and ideas on how to bring kindness into the world.Get this book and read it and you ll be happier immediately and kinder, too A lighthearted , fun collection of quotations on a variety of subjects This book is designed to be uplifting and reassuring, and I did take comfort in it Chapters have titles such as Friendship, Gratitude, Enlightenment,etc and introductions for each chapter are followed by quotations from philosopher, politicians, writers and celebrity types Abraham Lincoln side by side with Oprah, Gaston Bachelard, Marcus Aurelius, and Rochefoucauld, not to mention, power of positive thinking dude Norman Vincent Peale While you may not respect every contributor of quotations, the body of quotations for each chapter is collectively cheerful and mostly thoughtful and inspiring You can flip it open at random like the I Ching while you are on the can or look at it on the nightstand before going to bed.

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