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Introducing Mathematics: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...) This book provides a good overview, without being too dense However, it does assume some deeper knowledge in some topics which can be difficult to follow as the explanations are quite brief Good and enjoyable read otherwise Traces The Story Of Mathematics From The Ancient World To Modern Times, Describing The Great Discoveries And Providing Accessible Introduction To Such Topics As Number Systems, Geometry And Algebra, The Calculas, The Theory Of The Infinite, Statistical Reasoning And Chaos TheoryZiauddin Sardar Is A Hugely Renowned Writer, Broadcaster, Journalist And Critic Britain S Own Muslim Polymath Independent Has Become One Of The UK S Leading Intellectuals And Writes On A Huge Variety Of Subjects In Numerous Newspapers And Magazines Throughout The World He Is Also Visiting Professor Of Postcolonial Studies At The City University, London A fun journey through the history of mathematics where we also learn something about the subject matter itself Presented in a relaxed, easy going style, with lots of pictures, I certainly enjoyed reading this and learned something too My only complaint was the print quality, which in this edition is not great The pictures, I guess, have had to be shrunk to fit on the page, which is a pity and the only bad mark from me. This book was recommended for a maths PGCE course and I was so surprised by it Each page is dominated by entertaining and relevent images A real page turner for anyone interested in maths. Excellent book that introduces math in a novel way, interesting and informative. A quick canter should that be Cantor through the history of mathematics in a comic strip format A surprising amount of information is included, but there are also rather too many printing mistakes The latter could cause significant confusion Not one of the best of the Introducing series. Fab. Coming from a non mathematical background, I sought out a book to learn about mathematics and develop an idea on what it is I m not entirely sure this was the best book to go about it I need to brush up on maths and started self learning so I found parts of it, particularly the formulas, hard to follow.However, the information regarding the cultural and historical decelopment was entertaining and informative and found myself looking forward to reading The illustrations were amusing and some really useful in adding to the content too

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