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Photography: The COMPLETE Photoshop Box Set For Beginners and Advanced Users (Photography, Photoshop, Digital Photography, Creativity) The Best Selling COMPLETE Photoshop Box Setnd Edition Books BOTH With AMAZING Photoshop Content This Box Set Includes The Photoshop Handbook SIMPLE Ways To Create Visually Stunning And Breathtaking PhotosandThe Photoshop Handbook ADVANCED Ways To Create Visually Stunning And Breathtaking PhotosThese Books Contain Proven Steps And Strategies On How To Enhance Your Photographs Using One Of The Most Popular And Most User Friendly Software In The Market, PhotoshopOne Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Photoshop Is That Its A Way For Photographers To Cheat It Just Might Be, But You Should Understand As Well That Even The Most Sophisticated Camera Has Its Limitations What We See With Our Eyes Cannot Be Fully Captured By Any Man Made Device The Essence Of A Sunset Over The Sea, The Serenity Of A Silent Mountain, Or The Grandeur Of A Rushing River These Sceneries Ambiences And Emotions Will Come Out Bland And Lacking When Printed Creating Amazing Images Was Once Only For Professionals But With These Books Even YOU Will Be Able To Astonish Your Friends And Family On The Quality Of YOUR Photography Download The COMPLETE Photoshop Box Set Right Now

12 thoughts on “Photography: The COMPLETE Photoshop Box Set For Beginners and Advanced Users (Photography, Photoshop, Digital Photography, Creativity)

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    Not recommended This is a disjointed collection of admittedly useable help and tips for generic Photoshop There s not even a mention of which Photoshop version It majors on specific minor projects and uses language patronizing to women If it had been culled from a variety of old sources and rewritten rather poorly, it would read l

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    As an experienced amateur photographer and Photoshop used, this is an invaluable addition to my photographic books Although I use Photoshop and other photo editing software, one never knows it all and having this book as a reference volume is extremely useful as a source of know how when using procedures not used very often when one forgets

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    As a well able self taught user of Photoshop, I didn t think I needed this, but I did For the price it s an absolute bargain.

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    These books are great, and so easy to use I have enjoyed following the instructions for each lesson and have learnt a lot,Great having kindle on the phone as I can be working on the laptop and reading instructions at the same time.

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    We all think we know our Photoshop , but there are many new ways at using it , good as an exercise even if you are a pro photographer , great books

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    Article seems to concentrate on ordinary cameras rather than digital camerasFor instance f stops and the depth of field this is all good stuff but does not necessarilylead to getting the best out of a digital camera

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    DO NOT BUY COMPLETE CONHow do they describe 98 pages full of grammatical and spelling errors as Complete Box Set What a con.It was so bad that I deleted it.

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    Mere 91 pages of writing bla bla bla charcter body 12 and double spaced rows about the simplest activities you can find around in the web, a real trash that a children 7 yo would refuse Not a screen shoot, not a workflow, only few simple comands the simplest you can find free of charge in any stupid PS forum to achieve a presented pretended result picture you can t actualy achieve because it s too far from th

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    Easy to understand for a novice but it made me keen to know Immediately practical so you see useful results straight away.

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    Directed to the beginner user of Photoshop

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    Fin petit livret pr sent comme 2 livres en un Ne vaut a priori pas le prix Je l ai donc renvoy.

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