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Love in Every Stitch: Stories of Knitting and Healing I haven t read this book yet but it looks quite intriguing I LOVED this book I found the book as easy to read as is knitting As an avid knitter, I often imagined myself sitting with Lee and the people she wrote about knitting together as they told their stories This book vividly captured what I m often at a loss to be able to explain to others, that knitting is for the soul I appreciated her transparency and the courage of those whose stories were shared I encourage those that love fiber to read this book but it s not just for fiber lovers Anyone wondering if hope is gone, can simply read Lee s book and learn that hope can be found in the most unexpected of places It encouraged me to keep my heart open to those that need a little encouragement that hope is within. Brilliant Powerful I couldn t put this book down Better than most novels, really Lee Gant shows that knitting is not just abut cute mittens and sweet sweaters it is good medicine to heal the soul and bring people together.This is must read for anyone with anxiety, depression or in recovery from a past trauma and isn t that all of us This gem is an intimate journey of healing and of the importance of finding a community The importance of teaching to all ages with understated grace She learns to be gentle and she is gentle to the reader.This book would be appreciated completely as an audiobook Also, check out her facebook page, which includes pictures. Where to start Lee and I have not seen each other since 1971 when we graduated FB brought us back in touch with each other Who knew we had so many similarities in our lives I love her book I am so proud of her and her journey The ability to change the negative in our life and experiences to forgiving, learning, accepting and be happy takes such a strong person Lee is such a wonderful giving role models to all ages family, friends, strangers It s a honor to get to know her all over again Thanks Lee for being part of your life journey I will always be here if you need me. I wasn t able to put this book down until I had finished reading it It made me feel happy, sad and hopeful In today s chaotic world we all need tools to help calm us and knitting seems to have helped all the people in these stories and I can t wait to see how it can help me It was written so well that I could actually visualize what I was reading I would recommend it to anyone that is using any other tools for anxiety such as meditation or medication to see if knitting can help them. In This Inspiring Audiobook, Master Knitter, Teacher, And Widely Published Knitwear Designer Lee Gant Shares Real Life Stories About The Power Of Knitting As An Employee Of Three Different Yarn Stores, A Teacher Of Countless Knitting Classes, And A Volunteer With At Risk Youth, Lee Has Had The Opportunity To Gather Diverse Stories The Stories She Shares About Herself And Fellow Knitters From Around The World Illustrate How Each Stitch And Purl Can Comfort And Calm, Heal And Renew A Suicidal Teenager Crochets Through Pregnancy A Dying Woman Finds Comfort In The Company Of Knitters A Woman Finds The Courage To Face Her Estranged Parents A Woman Going Blind Realizes She Can Still Knit And Experience Life And Lee S Life, Riddled With Than Just Anxiety, Has At Last Become Stable And Productive This Book Includes Stories Of Women, Men, And Teens Who Have Experienced Profound Change And Enlightenment Through Knitting And Crochet PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio

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