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Online Business Startup: The entrepreneur's guide to launching a fast, lean and profitable online venture ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP Isn T Just A How To Guide In Online Marketing Or SEO It Contains Everything An Experienced Entrepreneur Wished He Had Known When He Started In BusinessWe Are Flooded With So Much Information In The Digital World That It Distracts Us From The Fundamentals Of Starting Up And Running A Lean Business This Book Is Ultimately An Answer To The Question How Can We Quickly Implement Proven Strategies For My Online Business, And Avoid All The Noise ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP Will Teach You Everything You Need To Start An Online Business Without The Wasted Time, Money And Effort How To Find A Trustworthy, Reliable Digital Agency And Guarantee A Return On Your Investment The Best Tools For Auditing And Improving Your Website How To Plan And Implement A Successful Social Media Strategy From The Foreword I Will Be Recommending This Book To Every One Of My Clients, And I Highly Recommend It To You Its An Easy Read For The Online Novice, And Will Stop You From Wasting Thousands Of Pounds And Having Sleepless Nights Like I Used To

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    Thanks Rob for writing this book you have made my decision to start my online business a little less daunting The book has been great to give me an in depth insight into what to consider when starting an online business and I will also be using it throughout my business research start up and beyond.Initially the book covers the essentials

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    This book is for people who have enough money to start an online business with the full support of paid professionals.This book is not for people who have little or no money to start a business, or for people who are looking to do all the leg work themselves It will make you feel a failure before you start.

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    When you start and grow a business you have to be knowledgeable about many different aspects of your business, even if you have assistants, but how many start ups have assistants from the beginning.You just have to be good at almost everything until you can pay someone to make awesome.Today pretty much all businesses are online even if they are not

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    Excellent guide to starting an eCommerce business Some really good pieces of useful information such as ownership of the website and the domain, yourname.com could save some expensive legal battles at a later date After all, if your paying to have a website developed you kind of want to own it, right My only criticism would be that detail on the pros an

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    Fantastic read Robin takes you through all the steps you need to create a successful online presence Not only does he tell you what you need to do, for example have a strong social media presence, but also gives you step by step instructions on how to go about it.He also refers to a multitude of resources that are out there, both free and premium, and discuss

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    Very informative book, sometimes I had the impression that I was reading Chinese..because I had no idea about what he was talking about.Is a book to read few times, no doubts.A bit dense but very knowledgeableThe funny thing, the last link of the book, the one to link you with the Facebook group is not working Weird isn t

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    It s definitively a great book worth reading for online startups full of practical advice I m giving it 4 because there is too much focus on getting a website agency to create your website I m of the DIY type looking to save money while learning new things.

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    I ve had this book for 8 months now With an easy to read, conversational style to the writing I first read this book over a weekend Since then I ve gone back a number of times to refresh, revisit, and work through the ideas given.It is relevant to those with fully online businesses as well as those whose only online area is their website.Very helpful and a useful book to ha

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