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Dead White Guys: A Father, His Daughter, and the Great Books of the Western World After His Daughter Was Born Prematurely In , Matt Burriesci Set Out To Write A Book About Great Books, From Plato To Karl Marx, And How Their Lessons Have Applied To His Life As Someone Who Has Spent A Long And Successful Career Advocating For Great Literature, Burriesci Defends The Great Books In This Series Of Tender And Candid Letters, Rich In Personal Experience And Full Of Humor Dead White Guys Is A Timely Defense Of The Great Books, Arriving In The Middle Of A National Debate About The Fates Of These Books In High Schools And Universities Around The Country Burriesci Shows How The Great Books Can Enrich Our Lives As Individuals, As Citizens, And In Our Careers Extending The Argument First Made By Anna Quindlen On The Act Of Reading Itself, How Reading Changed My Life It Is Like The Rubbing Of Two Sticks Together To Make A Fire, The Act Of Reading, An Improbable Pedestrian Task That Leads To Heat And Light Burriesci Reminds Us All Of The Enormous Impact Reading Has On Our Lives I found this book to be interesting, informative, and well written I liked the personal stories the author used to open a chapter and then use to explain how it tied in to one of the Dead White Guys so named in the title And I finally learned what Hamlet is all about The contents could have been dry and plodding, but the author kept it moving Thanks The title of the book is, Dead White Guys A Father, His Daughter and the Great Books of the Western World Actually, initially, what I was looking for in this book was a short review of the Western great writers What I have got is mainly a letter from a father to his daughter prematurely born in 2010 and the book is to be read by her in 2028 There are some mentioning of the greatest ideas of the world, but it is like in the form of conversational soliloquy Anyhow, the greatest character of the author is his ability to put complex ideas into simple, verbal form His writing encompasses the philosophy of life such as by the philosophers, Socrates and Montaigne to the analysis of the ideas of communism by Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engel Many times, the writing flashes to certain relevant situations in real life and the situational events of politics, economics, and history of the world and the U.S The main thing he wants to tell his daughter and the readers is that These writers can teach you, how to think, not what to think Location 118For example, he says So be like Socrates, and question everything P.10 A point I want to mention is his love for this his daughter I found happiness for the first time in my life, really by following your example P 48Two quotes of Montaigne and Karl Marx which I think are worth mentioning Now, this death, which some repute the most dreadful of all the most dreadful things, who does not know that others call it the only secure harbor from the storms and tempests of life, the sovereign good of nature the sole support of liberty, and the common and prompt remedy of all evils P.138 Montaigne Does it require deep intuition to comprehend that man s ideas, views and conceptions in other word, man s consciousness changes with every change in the condition of his materials existence, in his social relations and his social life P 238 Karl MarxThe following quote I object to the author People in wealthy, industrial societies have it much better than those in poor developing countries p 223I think Burriesci is being too materialistic in this case How can you say that those other poor countries might not be better off mentally with their relaxed, carefree, no hoarding, natural, lifestyle I think his daughter whose character he describes as, toughness, persistence, and most importantly cheerfulness p 244, is the main motive for him to write his book He says Since the day you were born, I have strived everyday to be like you, Violet, and to follow your example your SPIRIT sets P.246 This book is smart, informative, and brave Burriesci takes the theories of our history s great thinkers and connects their contributions to today s world Underneath it all is an autobiography in the form of a letter to his daughter There is an element of honesty and vulnerability that explains why the author wants his young daughter to be eighteen years old before she reads this book that is written for her Some sections are an homage to his hometown and the people in it Other parts are far darker, but all express lessons learned from his life Well done This book began rather interesting, but the closer the author got to the modern world, the progressive his views became. In Dead White Guys, Matt Burriesci takes readers on a tour of the great classics of Western Civilization, from Plato to Marx Though it is ostensibly a letter to his daughter Violet, it is really a personal memoir from which we can all learn something His essays are sprinkled with tales from his own life, making this book come alive with personal insights Whenever we read literature, we relate to it on a personal level Burriesci does not shy away from this, and his insights and real life examples make these old classics come to life Great refresher on timeless books.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead White Guys: A Father, His Daughter, and the Great Books of the Western World book, this is one of the most wanted Matt Burriesci author readers around the world.

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