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One Breath, Twelve Steps: A Buddhist Path to Recovery From Addiction Buddhism does not teach how to be greedy 30 for a book on recovery is nuts I don t care how good it. Millions Of Recovering Addicts Have Been Helped By The Traditional Step Program Of Alcoholics Anonymous, But Many Find Themselves Unable To Relate To Some Of The Language And Religious Tone Of The Steps Kevin Griffin Offers An Alternative A New Approach To The Step Program Based On Buddhist Teachings And Time Honored Meditation Practices In This Six Session Audio Course, Griffin Shares Personal Insights From His Own Struggle With Addiction And Offers Guided Meditation Practices To Support Each Step Of The Recovery Process Listeners Will Discover Universally Accessible Ways To Relate To The Idea Of A Higher Power, How The Wisdom From The Four Noble Truths And The Concept Of Karma Can Be Applied To AA S Life Review, And Much Highlights The Twelve Steps And The Four Noble Truths Parallels And Shared Insights From Two Paths To Liberation Mindfulness Practice An Essential Tool For Facing The Moment By Moment Challenges Of Addiction Your Higher Power How The Practice Of Mindfulness Itself Can Serve As The Focus Of Your Faith Understanding Karma Why The Buddha S Teachings On Cause And Effect Are Especially Meaningful To Addicts How Turning Our Will And Our Lives Over Can Serve As A Call To Remain Steadfast In Our Meditation Practice Using The Spirit Of Rigorous Honesty From The Twelve Steps To Fuel Our Spiritual Growth Insights For Using Your Personal Inventory, Forgiveness, And Humility In Self Empowering Ways Six Sessions Of Mindfulness Practices, Buddhist Wisdom, And Powerful Reflections On The Twelve Step Path To Recovery From Expert Teacher Kevin Griffin

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