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Top Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish: The Secrets Behind Top Gear's Craziest Creations this is a present for another but have had a quick brows, found very interesting. The Stories Behind The Top Gear Boys Weird, Wonderful And Frequently Disastrous Home Made VehiclesRichard Porter Is A Top Gear Script Editor And The Author Of Three Editions Of The Big Book Of Top Gear, Crap Cars, And My Dad Had One Of Those Very disappointing Lots of pictures but very little new information if you have followed the series A bit fiddly to turn pages on my tablet. As an avid top gear watcher and the repeats ,i have all the booksbut this one sadly lacks detail, every subject is briefly covered with what i basically could guess myself.woul not reccomend. Illustrates how far the Clarkson trio went with inventive, entertaining car TV Important revision for anyone who thinks New Top Gear is any good. The usual cheap humour I bought for a child I know, I sold have known better. Unless you are using a tablet this book is useless on a normal Kindle It insists on you viewing it in landscape mode not as normal, and it looks like someone has just uploaded a PDF to , very poor quality indeed. this book is written catering to those who buy in to the mythos of top gear there is no background information as to how the stunts were set up, we are left with the impression that the presenters bumble along with no preparation and less clues as to what they are doing.Good if you want edutainmentNot so good for the preparation and behind the scenes stuff

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