Earth and Space: Photographs from the Archives of NASA

Earth and Space: Photographs from the Archives of NASA This glorious, pictorial tour of the universe opens with a foreword by everyone s favorite science guy, Bill Nye, who rightly reminds readers of the fragility of our planet Following an introduction by the author,thanphotos gleaned from NASA s archives are showcased, beginning with photos depicting Earth from space first captured by the Apollo program and progressing through photos of the individual planets Solar flares, nebulae, comet dust, satellite galaxies, andare all here as well, in stunning color enhanced images Each picture is accompanied by a descriptive caption, offering information on the location of the phenomena, related planetary or interstellar history, and when and how the photo was taken School Library JournalDelve into the great beyond with these awe inspiring photos from NASA s archive Entertainment WeeklyNirmala Nataraj is a San Francisco Bay Areabased writer with a background in science writing and a focus on photographyBill Nye is a scientist, engineer, inventor, and performer best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy He lives in Los Angeles

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