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How to Clean and Organize Your Home Effectively: Green Cleaning Solutions at Home This short and sweet little book taught me what kind of clutter bug I am, then offered dozens of organization solutions to solve the problem Along with do able methods of maintaining your home clutter free once you ve put in all the effort As if THAT wasn t enough There are also several green cleaning recipes This book is a little goldmine of valuable information. How To Clean And Organize Your Home Effectively Is A User Friendly Audiobook Written With The Intentions Of Making Your Life Easier Many People Are Faced With Clutter And Not Quite Sure How To Get It Under Control In This Audiobook You Will Learn That Your Clutter Problem May Not Be Your Fault In Fact Other Factors May Be Contributing To What S Causing Your Clutter Issue Thankfully There Are Simple Steps You Can Take To Help You Get That Clutter In Order You Will Learn That It Doesn T Take A Fortune To Organize Your Clutter Simple Pieces, When Used The Right Way, Can Transform Your Mountain Of Clutter Into Something Manageable, Which Leads To A Space Of Harmony In Addition You Will Learn The Importance Of Using Nontoxic Products Learn How To Use Simple Ingredients To Get Rid Of Ants, Polish Your Furniture, Cut Stubborn Grease, And Get Whiter Whites Without Putting Your Family And Yourself In Harm S Way Aside from the very apparent lack of proofing and editing, it s a very quick read on basic very basic cleaning and organizational skills Not bad but certainly was looking for innovative, inexpensive organizing systems as promised Mason jars and Dollar Store shoe bins isn t what I had expected I d definitely invest the cost of the book into another, informative resource. This book contains some good green cleaning products that you can easily, and importantly, cheaply make yourself There isn t much information on clutter, but what there is is good This book does not tell you how to do it, or say you have to do it a certain way It does however give you starting points and guidelines for doing it in a way and pace that is completely comfortable to you with a minimal amount of stress. This book is just great It even breaks down the various levels of clutter in your home, rates them, then lets you know where to begin based on this.My personal favorite part of the book is the green cleaning recipes and also the benefits of using them You may spend a few pennies doing so, but the end result is worth it.Get started with organizing your home today if you have even 1 thought it needs to be done And do it with this book You will save so much time.

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