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Growing Marijuana for Beginners: Cannabis Cultivation Indoors and Outdoors Even though I m not personally interested in growing marijuana anytime in the near future, I picked this book up because my state is considering legalization.I was surprised at how engaging the book was right from the start and I really like the author s writing style and how informative this book is.It was a fun, quick read and if I ever need or want to grow marijuana I definitely have all the information I need to do so. The Secret To Successfully Growing Marijuana Is To Completely Understand The Composition And Growth Patterns Of The Different Strains In Order To Choose The Right One For Your Given Location This Book Will Show You How To Easily Grow Marijuana From The Comfort Of Your Own Home The Key Is Creating An Environment That Ll Allow The Specific Strain You Re Cultivating To Reach Its Full Growth Potential Growing Marijuana Without Any Guidance Can Be A Daunting Task, Even For Those Who Have Experience Growing Herbs This Book Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know In Order To Go From A Cannabis Growing Novice To A Seasoned Veteran Whether Your Intentions Are To Simply Provide A Supply For Your Own Personal Consumption Or To Start Your Own Grow Op, This Book Will Get You Off The Ground And Ensure You Re Fully Equipped To Maximize Your Plant Growth, Both Short Term And Long Term Take Advantage Of This Exciting Time In Marijuana Consumption, And Begin Your Own Growing Operation Right At Home Here S A Preview Of What You Ll Learn Differences Between Cannabis Strains And How To Choose The Best One For You Which Location To Choose That Will Maximize Growth And Longevity Proven Methods Of Maintaining Cannabis Growth In Any Type Of Environment Little Known Ways To Double Production Without Spending A Dime The Best Storing Methods For Your Fully Grown Buds Where To Find The Best Technology And Tools To Aid Your Cannabis Production PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio I m a total beginner on growing marijuana and have to say that I wasn t expecting that much from this book but it really was informative and filled with good and to the point informations I was interested in the topic because of the changing political situation in some states Now I feel informed what it means to grow marijuana and how to do it properly Thanks for the valuable content. It s a bit short to cover the entire process, but it gives you the basics and answers many of the questions you would have if you have not tried to grow it in the past You can find most of the details in You Tube videos if you prefer that type of media. This is a great book, the information provided is detailed and thorough description of the plant, where it can be grown which is basically anywhere , irrigation etc The author is clear to mention that finding a location to growing marijuana is very important You can choose to have your crop out in the open of course you would have to choose a location where growing marijuana is legal but the disadvantage of this is that uninvited friends will pop by and reap your hard work The other alternative is to keep your little marijuana crop a secret tell no one Good book I can see that this author thoroughly researched this topic to cover all avenues of growing marijuana. This little book is a great primer, easy read, and only took me about three days on and off in my spare time It was a great read very fast and enough information to get you on the right track and set up right away It kept me from making mistakes,And showed me how complicated or easy I can make it but it s my choice now I started with one plant made a couple of mistakes, but each time the book showed me what I was doing wrong, so I could get right back on track and not lose my plant Now I have the confidence to do some different varieties all at once Yep, I definitely recommend it

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