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Listener's Audio Bible - New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean I have been waiting for the entire Bible to be available on CD for a long time I have had to buy an MP3 player especially for this collection but I m very pleased with it I would have preferred them on CD though I have several Bibles including a couple of NIV versions Some of the words have been changed I usually follow along with David Suchet while he s reading but a lot of the wording is different and I don t understand this This collection states that he is reading from the NIV version so I don t know which version he is reading from unless the words have been changed simply because the Bible has now been recorded and some people might be offended by certain words phrases Whatever the reason is, I don t agree with it the Bible is the Bible whether people like it or not If this was really being read from the NIV version, then it should read the same as my NIV Bible which is not the case Has anyone else noticed this Before You Could Tuck It Under Your Arm, Before You Could Bring It Up On Your Phone You Did Not Read Scripture, You Listened To It For Centuries, The Only Way To Access God S Word Was To Hear It Read Aloud In Public Gatherings Today, Many Are Blessed To Own Personal Printed Copies Of The Bible, But There Is A Surprising Benefit To Hearing The Scriptures Read Aloud As It Was For So Many Generations Verses You Have Read Many Times Will Impact You In A New Way When You Hear Them Through The Listener S Audio Bible NIV Read In A Single Voice With Subtle Background Music, Max McLean S Skillful, Engaging, But Never Over Dramatized Style Will Bring The Complete Bible To Life During Your Personal And Family Devotion Times, Group Bible Study, Or Your Weekday Commute Max McLean S Skillful Narration Will Help You Understand, Memorize, And Enjoy God S Word These Are The Most Engaging Recordings Of The Bible I Have Ever Heard Hank Hanegraaff, The Bible Answer Man, President, Christian Research Institute He Sounds As You Might Expect The Writers Of The Text To Sound If They Were Speaking Instead Of Writing McLean Reads The Bible Like It Is The Word Of God Donald Whitney, Professor Of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Perfectly read with the correct intonation in the voice, As would be expected from this great actor Such a brilliant way to study the Bible when reading becomes rather heavy One real criticism is that the chapters are really awkward to find with a CD player as there is no way to identify which number is needed Also, I have to click fast forward and randomly stop and listen to establish if the desired chapter is found Remember, a chapter in the audio Bible is not a chapter which is understood from the written book There are 1189 chapters divided into six discs Otherwise, perfect. David Suchet has such a lovely voice, it is a joy to listen to him He is the only British bible reader I have found too He is reading the NIV which I think is a good version for listening to I have downloaded this into my music library and onto my phone so I can listen to it wherever I happen to be I tried the bible in a year version of his recordings first, but I find this version much easier to navigate round on my phone. David Suchet reads the Good Book beautifully The problem is with the format There is no problem if you use a laptop or computer and the indexes come up as they should However it doesn t play on a c.d player and although it does play in a dvd player, the index doesn t correlate with that on the c.d sleeve As I bought this for a friend with eyesight problems who cannot use a laptop or screen, this is proving tricky I must reiterate though, once on David Suchet s recording is great i am very pleased, came early, although a gift, which is going to jamaica, for my father as my mother died and she usually reads the bible to him, i will be asking him how he finds the c.d s the package was well tightly done and secure, also like a bookmark ha ha ha which i use now, thank you very much, i am well pleased,..Mazza This is a good buy, and David Suchet reads the NIV beautifully However, there are two major snags The first is the files are poorly organised It would have been much better if the books had been arranged in folders and sub folders for easier access Heavens the accompanying blurb gives an ideal structure law, history, poetry, prophets, gospels, and acts and letters Why not organise them on the disks like that instead of individual files for each chapter I spent a good couple of hours loading the files onto my laptop and desktop, and organising them accordingly The second is the files are in MP3 format and may not play on some machines It doesn t bother me, but potential buyers should check their preferred device can play these disks. I was in awe with David Suchet s reading of the NIV Bible, when introduced to me by a deeply religious associate one April afternoon.As a devout non believer and cynic, it was on my bucket list to find an unabridged audiobook covering both Old and New Testaments, voiced by a thespian of renown Clearly, readings by Stephen Fry, Lalla Ward or Tom Baker were not going to happen, so discovering that David Suchet took on the challenge, this became the must buy of the moment.Unfortunately, circumstances conspired against me yet again This weekend would have been perfect to begin an epic 80 hour audio fest whilst on a long drive to a far off place North of the shires, then somewhat further Alas, whilst copying the files onto a USB memory stick for the vehicular conveyance, disaster happened A disc was corrupt, rendering some files unreadable Nooooo Reluctantly, the USB drive was wiped, and a return lodged with.Henceforth, with such disappointment, a two star review was inevitable.It is rare for a publisher to make their work available in a non crippled DRM ed format, such as.MP3 for the sake of their customers convenience This added to my annoyance of feeling guilt whilst using the returns process.C est la vie, as some folk would exclaim Perhaps the chance to listen to the entire Bible will present itself again

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