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Listener's Audio Bible - New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Zondervan, Max McLean, Zondervan: Audible Audiobooks I have to agree with the other reviewer that said that the Kindle edition of the NIV Bible is very difficult to navigate for some reason I ve read other books on my Kindle and never found them this easy to lose my spot in and hard near impossible to find it again I was really disappointed because the NIV Bible is so easy to read and understand, but using the Kindle version is too frustrating. It s always hard to balance the size of print with the actual size of the complete volume so that it isn t too cumbersome Unfortunately previews were inadequate and I was disappointed with the size as it was intended for my elderly father who was keen to have a Bible that he can actually read I am hoping his new glasses will help, otherwise I shall be looking for a whole page magnifier. Verses You Have Read Many Times Will Impact You In A New Way When You Hear Them Read Aloud Read In A Single Voice With Subtle Background Music, The NIV Listener S Audio Bible Features Max McLean S Skillful, Engaging, But Never Over Dramatized Style Reading The Entire Text Of The Bible This Audio Bible Will Bring God S Word To Life During Your Personal And Family Devotion Times, Group Bible Study, Or During Your Weekday Commute Listen To Just Minutes A Day And You Ll Get Through The Entire Bible In A Year Before You Could Tuck It Under Your Arm, Before You Could Bring It Up On Your Phone You Did Not Read Scripture, You Listened To It For Centuries, The Only Way To Access God S Word Was To Hear It Read Aloud In Public Gatherings Today, We Are Blessed To Own Personal Printed Copies Of The Bible, But There Is A Surprising Benefit To Hearing The Scriptures Read Aloud As It Was For So Many Generations Features Complete Text Of The Accurate And Clear New International Version NIV Narration By Max McLean, Founder And Artistic Director For The Fellowship Of Performing Arts In New York City These Are The Most Engaging Recordings Of The Bible I Have Ever Heard Hank Hanegraaff, The Bible Answer Man, President, Christian Research Institute He Sounds As You Might Expect The Writers Of The Text To Sound If They Were Speaking Instead Of Writing McLean Reads The Bible Like It Is The Word Of God Donald Whitney, Professor Of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary I like this because the writing it is a bit bigger than normal writing The only negative I have is, that, the pages are very thin and if you was to highlight it shows on the other side and also you can see the writing from the other page, this can distract you when you read, but I am OK I bought it for my husband but he did not like it because he could see the writing from the previous page. This bible was bought for someone in a Bible Study group, who needed the larger print size She was deligted with this choice and is using it regularly with great pleasure She particularly liked the larger print, the annotations and Christ s words shown in red A very nice product I bought this product on behalf of my 86 year old mother who needed a Bible with a better print size She really loves this Bible not only because it is readable but it is also stylish and she has received a number of compliments and queries about it when she uses it in church. As I find I have to hold a book further away and need longer arms, I decided I needed larger print in my Bible To avoid putting on glasses then taking them off when looking up I am a little disappointed that the print is not a little bigger, however it does help Next time I will order Giant Print. This edition has a lot of reference information maps, topical cross reference It is out of print, so I ordered this copy as a back up, used, from a supplier It was advertised as Like New, but actually was in worse condition that one I have used for many years wear marks some pages dog eared, spine was ridged with fine vertical cracks from having been opened and bent back Not an accurate product description So I kept my used copy and gave this one away I have ordered other books from ThriftBooks, Motor City this is the first time I ve had an unsatisfactory purchase. This is a good product, well made, easy to read and important for me easy to carry around However there are a couple of points the purchaser should note, firstly it is an American bible with consequent spelling differences, however importantly it is not the NIV that most would expect It is a recent revision, which I have seen in other Bibles described as Todays New International Version TNIV Mostly any differences are relatively minor, though noticeable if you are in a study group where everyone else has an old NIV but some are quite startlingly different, check out Luke 18 5 yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won t eventually come and attack me Overall a good product, but not all that I expected hense 4 stars The pages are a bit thin but if they were thicker it would be too heavy The print isn t huge but if it was bigger the book would be too big So this is a great compromise between a normal small print Bible and something you d need a stand to support And the NIV is the best reading Bible by far the Psalms are sheer poetry so yes I would highly recommend it.

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