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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance GRIT Is A Persuasive And Fascinating Response To The Cult Of IQ Fundamentalism Duckworth Reminds Us That It Is Character And Perseverance That Set The Successful Apart Malcolm Gladwell Impressively Fresh And Original GRIT Scrubs Away Preconceptions About How Far Our Potential Can Take Us And It Solves The Riddle Of How Those Not Likely To Succeed In Fact Do Buy This, Send Copies To Your Friends, And Tell The World That There Is, In Fact, Hope We Can All Dazzle Susan Cain, New York Times Bestselling Author At A Time When Our Collective Notion Of Success Has Shrunk To The Point Of Being Unrecognizable, Angela Duckworth Arrives To Restore It With A Mix Of Masterful Storytelling And The Latest Science, She Shows That Perseverance And Passion Matter At Least As Much As Talent And Intelligence And Far From Simply Urging Us To Work Harder For The Sake Of Working Harder, Grit Offers A Truly Sane Perspective That True Success Comes When We Devote Ourselves To Endeavors That Give Us Joy And Purpose Arianna Huffington, Bestselling Author Of Thrive This Book Will Change Your Life Fascinating, Rigorous, And Practical, Grit Is Destined To Be A Classic In The Literature Of Success Dan Heath, Bestselling Co Author Of Made To Stick, Switch And Decisive Angela Duckworth Has Written A Contemporary Classic A Clarifying And Deeply Researched Book In The Tradition Of Stephen Covey And Carol Dweck For Anyone Hoping To Work Smarter Or Live Better, GRIT Is An Essential And Perhaps Life Changing Read Daniel H Pink, Author Of Drive And To Sell Is HumanDr Angela Duckworth Is A MacArthur Fellow And An Associate Professor Of Psychology At The University Of Pennsylvania She Is An Expert In Non IQ Competencies, Including Grit And Self Control A Highly Sought After International Speaker, Her TED Talk On Grit Has Been Viewed By Over Million PeopleDuckworths Hypothesis That The Real Guarantor Of Success May Not Be Inborn Talent But A Special Blend Of Resilience And Single Mindedness Grew Out Of Her Upbringing As A Child Her Scientist Father Lovingly Bemoaned The Fact His Daughter Was No Genius Duckworth Was Determined To Prove Him Wrong And Spent Her Youth Smashing Through Every Academic Barrier As An Adult She Became Focused On Proving Her Theory And To Find Out If Grit Can Be Learned Or Cultivated It Was Out Of This That She Created Her Own Character Lab At The University Of Pennsylvania

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    I ve been a fan of Dr Duckworth and her research since long before she became famous, so it s hard to overstate my disappointment with this title The fundamental problem with the book is that instead of writing a popularization ai

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    I read this on holiday and found it a real page turner Written in an easy to read style and full of real people and real stories about success as it pertains to grittiness It certainly hits the nail on the head in promoting positive mental

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    If you ve ever doubted yourself or decided that there s no point trying as you lack the talent for it read this Inspiring and insightful read, well written and engaging Very hard to put down once you pick it up

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    This book tells you probably what most of us already know except, that the writer has backed it up with interesting research Lots of handy pieces of information ready to hand and it s all what we already know, but, it makes you realize that with GRIT, so than

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    This book addresses the common misconception that people s achievement is constrained by their innate talent Instead, the author s research has indicated that perseverance grit , than any other factor, is what allows an individual to excel.The section on developing you

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    I think this book is good But I haven t been able to finish it I intend to though It s quite a heavy content book I find.

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    The book makes good points about grit vs talent and explain what fosters grit However there is not enough about how you achieve all that There is little practical advice I can apply to my life right now Also, the book focuses on success and grit, not looking at failure and grit How gritty

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    The author has done some serious studies on grit and offers her priceless findings to us, like a map for lost travelers It is concise and well written It reminds of something most know deep inside talent alone doesn t get far without some amount of strength of character to make it flourish and fruit

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