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The Unseen Realm In The Unseen Realm, Dr Michael Heiser Examines The Ancient Context Of Scripture, Explaining How Its Supernatural Worldview Can Help Us Grow In Our Understanding Of God He Illuminates Intriguing And Amazing Passages Of The Bible That Have Been Hiding In Plain Sight You Ll Find Yourself Engaged In An Enthusiastic Pursuit Of The Truth, Resulting In A New Appreciation For God S Word Why Wasn T Eve Surprised When The Serpent Spoke To Her How Did Descendants Of The Nephilim Survive The Flood Why Did Jacob Fuse Yahweh And His Angel Together In His Prayer Who Are The Assembly Of Divine Beings That God Presides Over In What Way Do Those Beings Participate In God S Decisions Why Do Peter And Jude Promote Belief In Imprisoned Spirits Why Does Paul Describe Evil Spirits In Terms Of Geographical Rulership Who Are The Glorious Ones That Even Angels Dare Not Rebuke After Listening To This Book, You May Never Read Your Bible The Same Way Again There Is A World Referred To In The Scripture That Is Quite Unseen, But Also Quite Present And Active Michael Heiser S The Unseen Realm Seeks To Unmask This World Heiser Shows How Important It Is To Understand This World And Appreciate How Its Contribution Helps To Make Sense Of Scripture The Book Is Clear And Well Done, Treating Many Ideas And Themes That Often Go Unseen Themselves With This Book, Such Themes Will No Longer Be Neglected, So Listen To It And Discover A New Realm For Reflection About What Scripture Teaches This is a well written book with references freely provided including on line extras to back up the teachings that are presented These cover areas that have so often been ignored or misunderstood and offer answers, that to my mind, work in a holistic manner throughout the Old and New Testament scriptures It is refreshing to find an author who, though obviously an expert in his field, can write in a manner which is easy to read and understandable, and provide a book which is pleasingly free from typos and general bad grammar The subject matter inevitably challenges some or maybe many of one s preconceived ideas or received teaching but as I have said, his case is clearly presented with references which one is encouraged to follow up on I am now starting on my second reading of it and consulting the on line aids provided In reading it my most common reaction as a Christian has been of increased amazement at the high calling that God has for us, so do not think that it is some kind of dry, academic in a bad sense impractical, book Highly recommended. This book is not just intriguing it is mind blowing Talk about a paradigm shift Open it and enjoy a roller coaster of revelation and discovery Every Bible Scholar and or teacher should read this its only prerequisite An open mind and a desire for a deeper understanding of the Bible s dificult bits Fallen angels and much, much Wow You will not believe how many unanswered questions will suddenly fall into place. This is a very well researched and scholarly work by Dr Heiser, who examines the elusive aspects of Scripture and illumines them in new and interesting ways Unencumbered by denominational baggage , Hesier guides the reader through the unssen spritual realm that underpins our own world You will NEVER read the Bible again in the same way Indeed, it has personally enriched my understanding of Holy Scripture in very deep and meaningful ways.The main text is backed up by first rate referencing from primary and secondary Biblical and ancient Near Eastern scholarly literature for those who wish to dig deeper With so many frauds about masquerading as scholars , Heiser is the real McCoy Highly recommended to laiety and biblical scholars alike. Brilliant and detailed work I think Dr Heiser is literally the leading edge of Bible interpretation currently He seems to me to go where the evidence leads him instead of trying to defend his pet theories This in an age when the virulent and toxic Social Justice Warrior infection in academics makes the field of academia the literal wasteland of desolation when it comes to truth, actually correct scientific method and sound logic Traits which I am happy to say Dr Heiser seems to not only have, but since he shows his working out, can be verified. Those are the words this author uses for his podcast, Naked Bible which is highly recommended but could also be used for this HIGHLY recommended book For many of us Christians, we have been taught so well all the fundamental truths of the Bible Yet there remain gaps and places where passages and small comments are skipped past since they are so strange Heiser, the author, says these strange comments are often very significant they give us a glimpse into the worldview of the people to whom the Bible was written That essentially is what this book and his podcast is about having us wrestle with understanding the worldview of the authors of the books of the Bible.So, dont be afraid and get this book so my late father often used to say and Michael Heiser s excellent book discloses how much our western worldview has blinded us to what the writers of the Bible would have taken for granted I was fortune to have been taught many of these things in a combination of Brethren, Baptist and Pentecostal Charismatic churches in the UK but I have come across many to whom the comparison of Gen 6 with Job 1 2 comes as a surprise.I have 2 minor criticisms many of the technical quotations are in the original French or German not a problem for some but off putting for many Secondly I would quibble with the phrase divine beings as opposed to spirit beings , simply because divine is taken to refer to members of the Godhead as opposed to angels or demons see the useful Web page notes for additional clarification.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Unseen Realm book, this is one of the most wanted Dr. Michael S. Heiser author readers around the world.

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