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The Tulip With A New Introduction Exclusively In Audio, Read By Anna Pavord The Tulip Is Not A Gardening Book It Is The Story Of A Flower That Has Made Men Mad Greed, Desire, Anguish And Devotion Have All Played Their Parts In The Development Of The Tulip Into The Worldwide Phenomenon It Is Today No Other Flower Has Ever Carried So Much Cultural Baggage It Charts Political Upheavals, Illuminates Social Behaviour, Mirrors Economic Booms And Busts And Plots The Ebb And Flow Of Religious Persecution Pavord Tells How The Tulip Arrived From Turkey And Took The Whole Of Western Europe By Storm This Beautifully Produced And Irresistible Volume Will Become A Bible, A Unique Sourcebook, A Universal Gift Book And A Joy To All Who Possess It

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    This book is without doubt the definative study on the tuip.The first part deals wsith the hisory of the yulip from 1451 when it was introduced into the Ottoman empire, the tulopmania of the 1600s when single bulbs went for astronomical sums and on to the present.The second part covers de

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    I just love it, having lived in Turkey and seen their wonderful wild flowers, this book means a lot to me It is easy to read and I could not put it down The illustrations are wonderful and one can look, admire and read it again and again The history of the tulip is something really fascinating

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    recipient loved

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    Anna is at her best when digging for the history on flora and people.Another great repository of knowledge on this most under valued of flowers.It reads as a set of thoroughly reseached essays the occasional duplication of information is helpful to anchor keys points.I am a newly converted fan of the flowe

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    A superb book Make sure when ordering that you are buying the full edition of the original Some paperback versions are only part one of the original.

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    Disappointing Interesting subject but far too much detail and repetition.

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    More a history book than either a horticultural or botanical account of tulips What it says is of interest to garden historians but rather less so to practical horticulturalists trying to grow tulips or sort out the chaos of the naming of varieties.

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    A detailed look at the history of the tulip

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