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5,000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Write Smarter, Volume 1 Not sure if I should give this book 5 or 3 stars I must confess I haven t finished reading or listening to it, why When I was told to complete the 5 minute writing task in the very first chapter I couldn t stop writing I normally only muster up 500 words a day, but today still 4pm I managed 2,800 I started at 11.30am and finished at 3pm Now I did not take the authors advice don t write in bed, don t edit, switch off internet, don t xyz Nevertheless, I am going to associate writing in bed only when the headlight is on, and sleep and do other activities with no or low lighting.It s been a productive day, not only have I started writing again, but I actually loved it And to top things off I began to add structure my book.Nevertheless, I m not sure if it was him or I was due a writing bust I guess it doesn t matter because the author is very motivational I will revisit the rest of the book in a few days weeks If I do slip up I might have to follow his advice to the T.Lastly, what am not sold on is the idea to write anything Lets get one thing clear, editing is the longest and most difficult part of the writing process Am not falling into the trap of just writing any old gibberish just for the sake of it there will be a harder mountain to climb I ve learnt my lesson from university. The Fastest Way To Succeed As An Author Is To Write Books How Do You Do That With A Day Job, Family, School, Or All Your Other Time Commitments The Secret Is Efficiency , Words Per Hour Will Help You Maximize Your Writing Time By Building Effective Habits That Both Measure And Increase Your Writing Speed Create An Effective Writing Habit Track And Improve Your WPH Stop The Endless Editing And Tinkering So You Can Finish Your Draft Use Voice Dictation Software To Dramatically Increase Words Per Hour It S Time To Shift Your Writing Into High Gear I got this book back in September I m terrible about remembering to review but I got the sequel Lifelong Writing Habit and it reminded me This book s title sounds intimidating 5000 words an hour How can that even be possible Well I can t prove that it s possible for me, my best pace so far has been 2000 words an hour However, the book really truly is aimed at everyone, whatever pace you are at It s about the tools to improve your personal best Maybe one day that will lead to 5k, maybe it won t but it s not about a specific number, it s just about improvement.I ve read several alright than several writing self help books over the years I have to say that this book is one of the best I have read because I could identify with what was being said I found the explanations understandable, the exercises straightforward I could relate to it and it really struck a chord with me.I would definitely recommend it to any writer. I really like Chris Fox s obvious enthusiasm and he has a strong voice The book is short, to the point and I really related to many of the points he made about mindset at the back of the book The tools Fox offers here in the form of the book, its exercises and the accompanying app and or spreadsheet is truly good value for money for writers Many of my own writing clients worry about finishing their novels or screenplays, yet Fox lays out HOW to do this in simple, actionable steps that are bound to appeal, especially to newbie writers Whilst I don t think the system suits my tastes overall I am allergic to spreadsheets and timing and hate apps, which kind of counts me out I will certainly recommend this book to my newbie novelists and screenwriters, especially those interested in NanoWrimo and its scriptwriting equivalent I have also found myself curious about his own novels, so as soon as I ve made it through my Kindle backlog I will be looking up his fiction Nice work. There is a short review and the slightly longer review, depending on how much I want to say into my new recording device that I m using right now I mentioned the recording device because that to me is what this book is about, instead of writing faster, writing smarter I m not saying that it is deceptive, because it delivers, but could have delivered that in half the size of the size and half of the of the price Effective yes because I went out and bought an affordable microphone, and downloaded some affordable recording software, and bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I m generating a few thousand words per hour than my type speed of 1000 By planning your work a little bit in advance or making notes is to be the structure of what you want to say, then dictating is effective than because you still probably need to make the same amount of edits I mention Dragon NaturallySpeaking instead of Dragon Anywhere because dragon anywhere requires you to be connected to the Internet in order to dictate to your iPhone, and if you want to dictate to your phone, then something like GBoard from Google gives you much the same capability. I ve been a serious author since 2013, and have written novels since 2003 I picked up a copy of 5000 Words because I want to improve my word count per day.The exercises in this book are a great starting point for anyone wanting to improve their word count per day by making small changes to their existing writing rituals and tracking.Before reading this book, a good day of writing took six hours to write between 6000 8000 words a day With the exercises inside, I am working on improving my output speed so I can give my readers stories to enjoy per year.

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