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The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind Meditation Offers, In Addition To Its Many Other Benefits, A Method For Achieving Previously Inconceivable Levels Of Concentration Author B Alan Wallace Has Nearly Years Practice In Attention Enhancing Meditation, Including A Retreat He Performed Under The Guidance Of The Dalai Lama An Active Participant In The Much Publicized Dialogues Between Buddhists And Scientists, Alan Is Uniquely Qualified To Speak Intelligently To Both Camps, And The Attention Revolution Is The Definitive Presentation Of His Knowledge Beginning By Pointing Out The Ill Effects That Follow From Our Inability To Focus, Wallace Moves On To Explore A Systematic Path Of Meditation To Deepen Our Capacity For Deep Concentration The Result Is An Exciting, Rewarding Expedition Of The Mind , Tracing Everything From The Confusion At The Bottom Of The Trail To The Extraordinary Clarity And Power That Come With Making It To The Top Along The Way, The Author Also Provides Interludes And Complementary Practices For Cultivating Love, Compassion, And Clarity In Our Waking And Dreaming Lives Attention Is The Key That Makes Personal Change Possible, And The Good News Is That It Can Be Trained This Book Shows How

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    This is an exceptional book, from an exceptional writer Alan Wallace has a deep training as both a Buddhist scholar and an advanced practitioner Both qualities shine through in this book Samatha developing a calm and clear mind is really the foundation, not just of Buddhist meditation, but of any activity In this book Alan Wallace takes us step by step th

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    This is an excellent book on the nine stages of shamatha mental quiescence as taught in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition If you are interested in developing single pointed concentration, then this would be an excellent way to do so I have known the author nearly forty years and completed a one year shamatha retreat with him as translator back in 1988 You will no

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    very clear introduction to Shamata and mindfulness meditation Theory and practice laid out simply and lucidly There s obviously a huge amount of theoretical understanding in the background but this book is mercifully free of the mumbo jumbo that requires a couple of decades in a monastery in Dharamsala to understand There s is a whiff of elitism through the book, a

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    Very good book about stages of calm abiding, Academic level but still accessible

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    Great Book 5

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    very good.

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    Wonderful book Useful and clear

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    This book is well written in a logical format It leads the reader through the various levels of meditation and mindful states The majority will reach level three at best, but it is valuable to be aware of what lies ahead if one should choose to dedicate themselves It is not a five minute read, It takes time to assimilate the content and absorb it before taking a few steps. Some might desc

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