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Decluttering and Organizing: A Guide for Minimizing and the Life Changing Power of Decluttering This book has quite a few simple, easy to follow, no nonsense tips within that really helped me get on top of things, and I really appreciated that it went beyond the standard clean out your closets, also talking about digital clutter, which I feel is currently actually my worse problem This is a truly great book for one of those cleaning projects you keep pushing off because it ll get you back on track and cleaning in no time In today life where we are bombarded from everywhere with stuffs to buy and to hold so that we can show people that we have succeed, I think we need to read books like this to keep our life simple and joyful. I m glad I read this short but sweet book from Madison He lists out excellent tips that are easy to read and understand for anybody The author effectively shares different techniques whether its from meditation or simple logical thinking that I never really thought about I highly suggest anyone to give this a try if they are looking for good tips on eliminating stress and improving their livelihood. This book is inspiring The way the space around you is affects your whole being Having things clean and tidy frees up both physical and mental space After reading this book I went ahead and organized every room in my house and it was such a relief Highly recommended to anyone who feels like a change a needed, but don t know exactly what needs to be done This is often the step you need to take Very simple book I wish it was longer But it made a good points.Now I will take my notebook and thing how I can not only organize my environment but also my life in general Find Out What It Takes To Declutter And Organize Your Home In Order To Live A Stress Free And Minimalist Lifestyle Congratulations On Taking The First Step To Making Massive Changes In Your Life By Downloading The Book, Decluttering And Organizing A Guide For Minimizing And The Power Of Decluttering This Book Is Filled With Time Tested Tips To Help You Get Started In Decluttering And Organizing Your Home And To Avoid This Problem From Occurring Again You Will Learn How Decluttering And Organizing Can Lead To Emotional Well Being Also Learn The Power Of Living A Minimalist Lifestyle Once You Ve Successfully Cleared And Organized Your Home Take A Look At What You Ll Learn From Downloading This Book How Clutter Impacts Your Emotions And Lifestyle Tackling Your Emotions Getting Rid Of The Extraneous Items Turning Into A Minimalist How To Ask For Help, If You Can T Do It On Your Own How To Break Free From The Mess For Life

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