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The Fight In In Kinshasa, Za Re, Two African American Boxers Were Paid Five Million Dollars Apiece To Fight Each Other One Was Muhammad Ali, The Aging But Irrepressible Professor Of Boxing The Other Was George Foreman, Who Was As Taciturn As Ali Was Voluble Observing Them Was Norman Mailer, A Commentator Of Unparalleled Energy, Acumen, And Audacity Whether He Is Analyzing The Fighters Moves, Interpreting Their Characters, Or Weighing Their Competing Claims On The African And American Souls, Mailer S Grasp Of The Titanic Battle S Feints And Stratagems And His Sensitivity To Their Deeper Symbolism Makes This Book A Masterpiece Of The Literature Of Sport

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    This is a great little book from a great little writer about a great big boxing event It is a short book, even with some pointless waffle at the end, but it gives a different insight into the crowning moment of the most important sports man, or woman, in history The Rumble in the Jungle in 1974 when an ageing Muhammed Ali foolishly, some said, challenged the most fearsome fighter in boxing hist

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    A championship bout with a hard as whiskey writer Mailer a great fighter Foreman and a genius of life Ali sometimes this strives for profundity, but often finds it with eternal truths applicable to all of us who struggle in all different ways.

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    Mailer at his best, human and observant,, one of the 20th centuries best writers, totally readable and deeply intelligent.

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    Norman has a great way of writing a story and this book was a wonderful insight it the life story of the greatest

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    Excellent read

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    The master of words takes on the greatest athlete of all times An utterly subjective view on the regaining of the hevyweight crown by the submissive that the US had spew out Missed The Fight in Kinhasa 1974 You can get there.

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    Fantastic read Very insightful and evocative.

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    Great book

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