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The Great Spring: Writing, Zen, and This ZigZag Life Being a great fan of Natalie Goldberg, I bought this as soon as it came out and have not been disappointed Previously I have read most of her guides to writing Writing Down The Bones, The True Secret of Writing etc and her autobiography, Long Quiet Highway, and this is a great showcase for her writing talent, and an insight into how her practice of Zen weaves into her life I am both a Zen student and a writer and the book gave me much to contemplate on both subjects Natalie is refreshingly honest about her life and how it feels when events leave you with nowhere solid to stand.The twenty three chapters are split into five sections Searching, Wandering, Zigzagging, Losing and Leaping There is no chronological pattern to the stories and each segment feels complete in itself, written to illustrate a point or just to tell the story, rather than a continuous narrative This works well to me and means I am likely just to dip into a random chapter in future and see what it has to offer There are accounts from her time in Japan, France and various parts of the United States New Mexico, Palo Alto, Iowa, Minnesota Consistent throughout is her openness and honesty.As she says in Another New Year It s so easy to forget, move away from the heat and honesty of our moments We need stories to remind us and to mirror our reality And we need writers to record them In The Great Spring, Natalie does just that, holding a mirror up to all of our lives and our loves and losses Her descriptions of places and people are vivid and engaging and make me want to be a better writer myself. Natalie Goldberg exists between two rocky places writing and zen, and she manages to find opportunities to practice both She writes, and writes, and writes, as many of us do And she is a daughter of zen, and meets all kinds of people in her travels, some helpful, others annoying She takes chances in her life because it s clear that she loves her teachers, her friends, and the land I would love to be a passenger on one of those pilgrimages where the directions are vague, the signposts are rare, and instead of reaching a hilltop you dip all of a sudden into a deep chasm, coming out of the other side with a lake before you She went looking for Bob Dylan, and met his teacher a brilliant and lovable icon As many of us who have reached age 60 or , she encounters many losses, the death of friends and neighbors, three or four at a time, and finds herself caught in the land of the living, knowing that she too will die someday I stay at home, wondering if my mental wanderings are adequate, but Natalie Goldberg manages to lift the everyday into golden petals from on high The tender places where she describes wonderful enlightenment moments are elegant, and most appreciated This is a treasure I will read it again and again Bought as gift and it s been read already xx Natalie Goldberg is like New Mexico Dry, sometimes to the point where it really hurts She is also like Brooklyn While going through her very own personal crisis she manages to radiate the fullness of life This is a very well written book a collection of sorts It jumps from one story to the next and all over different phases in her life Don t expect this to be a book that goes on and on You can read each story separately and then reflect upon it It will help you deal with your own demons just to hear her reflect upon hers I live in New Mexico and travel to New York a lot I feel like those places have had an impact on her as they have on me as have many of the places she covers in between I actually know some of the people she talks about in this book That s a strange experience to read about your friends or acquaintance and see them through the eyes of someone who has impacted your own writing She s a great teacher This book is full of wisdom and also confusing It is one I will re read time and again It s extremely personal and honest I for one was not able to put it down until I d reached the last 2o pages Then I just had to stop and start all over again In the end, it took me several weeks to read it And although I ve read all of the pages, I m not done yet. Even I loved Writing Down the Bones, and her fabulous book on writing memoirs I loved the writing exercises and I loved Living Color and her work with painting, this book was very good, but not as life changing as her other books But who says all books need to be life changing I thought it flowed well even though the stories take you different places I appreciated her writing which is so fresh I could not give 4 stars because it s not a book I will want to read again, but it was a nice pleasant read. I live a quiet life Most of us do, most of the time, and Natalie Goldberg is no different Yet now and again, to all of us, comes a moment of intense feeling Some piece of our history, some love or loss, rises up and all but overwhelms us.No one is better at showing such moments than Natalie Goldberg I take this to be her life study She is adept both at opening herself up to these emotions, or visions, and at setting them down in words Her devotion to writing has gone on as long as her practice of Zen, and here the two are paired The terrible truth, she says, which is rarely mentioned, is that meditation doesn t directly lead us to some vaporous, glaze eyed peace It drops us right into the personal meat of human suffering That s what this book does, over and over We float along on a light river of prose, then are plunged into that personal meat It s often unexpected, and always rewarding This is a beautiful read. Goldberg s essays are just glistening Evocative, thought provoking and at times heartbreaking Cannot recommend highly enough. What Does It Take To Have A Long Writing Life Drawing On Her Years Of Writing, Teaching, And Practicing Zen, Natalie Goldberg Shares The Experiences That Have Opened Her To New Ways Of Being Alive Experiences That Point The Way Forward In Our Lives And Our Writing The Great Spring Of This Book Title Refers To The Great Rush Of Energy That Arrives When You Think No Life Will Ever Come Again The Early Yellow Flowering Forsythia, For Example It Also Refers To Enlightenment Obstructions Shatter, Pain Cracks Open, Previously Resisted Truth Releases, An Acceptance Of Transiency Flows Through Natalie Goldberg Shares The Moments That Have Sprung From Her Own Life Of Writing, Teaching, And Zen Practice Moments Of Searching, Wandering, Zigzagging, Losing, And Leaping Where She Has Found Herself And Her Voice In This Audio, We Watch As Natalie Makes Positive Effort For The Good One Of The Guiding Rules Of Her Writing Life And We See That If We Can Stay Attentive In Our Lives, Even In The Middle Of The Ruins, We Can Hear The Sound Of A Songbird In A Paris Chestnut Tree Whether We Know If The Song Comes From Inside Us Or Out Doesn T Matter Of The Essays In The Book Have Been Previously Published Often In A Different Form Those Publications Include Yoga Journal, Shambhala Sun, Five Points, And Creative Nonfiction

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