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The Imitation of Christ (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Thomas À Kempis, P.J. Ochlan, Mission Audio: Audible Audiobooks The attached image is on font size 5 on a Kindle Oasis I found only font size 2 has all the lines lined up properly.I wish they put care and attention into this I haven t even started to read it yet to be honest, but am disappointed already Either really fine print, or I have to read it by jumping all over the page to read a single line. It s universal in its application and for those who are ardently looking for spiritual fulfilment The focus is singular and single minded and must be assimilated one chapter at a time The book is powerful and vibrates with authority as one written by the devout of the highest kind It s universal application can be understood from the fact that Swami Vivekananda the great Hindu yogi and reformer carried it along with the Bhagavad Gita in his travelling days in India as a penniless monk. Thomas Kempis Collection Of Meditative Writings From The Brethren Of The Common Life Is The Most Widely Read Book In The World After The Bible The Reflective Devotions Have Been A Heartening Friend To Great Men Such As Thomas More, St Ignatius Loyola, Thomas Merton, Pope John Paul I, And John Wesley Learning To Live Like Jesus Is The Central Task That Kempis Explores In This Classic Devotional The Religious Who Concerns Himself Intently And Devoutly With Our Lord S Most Holy Life And Passion Will Find There An Abundance Of All Things Useful And Necessary For Him He Need Not Seek For Anything Better Than Jesus This Book Provides Comfort And Counsel To Every Person Who Seeks To Live A Connected And Whole Life Zippered cover edition Brilliant Should be read by everyone and included in school teaching curriculum.The actual physical book is good quality, nice paper, good cover, sewn binding There are some nice pictures as well through out the book This is the translation from Richard Challoner The language for me is perfect here because it gives so much depth to what is being said, it is not something that can be skimmed through or read like a novel, it has to be read slowly There are other translations in a modern English which can be read like a novel I read these as well as they can add some detail or a different perspective.Please note that I am referring to the red covered zippered edition here I also ordered the same version for my Kindle but the Kindle edition is different, a modern version All the reviews of this book are mixed up, when someone has sent in a review it seems to be used for all versions of the text so please double check what you are looking at.So if you want a copy of the Imitation of Christ in a nice binding, hard wearing and portable to carry anywhere, in slightly older language to express the beauty and depth of meaning then here it is.Highly recommended. Forget about what religion you following, This is book is for every one Swamy vivekananda carried this always with him along with Bagawath Gita That shows the content s righteous Book s paper quality is BAD but the content quality makes us forgive the paper quality. It is a wonderful, time tested classic, one of the favourite books of Swami Vivekananda He carried this book and the Bhagavad Gita with him during his travels as a monk. Bought this book for dad just before he died Well unfortunately he never had a chance to read it, but it is a time proven classic In fact I ve heard it described as a mystical work which I must agree it is It gives sound advice on the spiritual life and how to follow Jesus. Very Good Book And a sort of elixir for spiritual upliftment That is why Swami Vivekananda loved this book so much Preaching s based on practices last for ever.All religious paths lead to one God. I agree with the publisher s blurb that this is the best translation from the original Latin at least that I personally have come across.Credit must be given not only to Ronald Knox, but also Michael Oakley Knox was a long term devotee of The Imitation, so began to work on the translation with his engaging, passionate, poetic, very readable style, as befits the spiritual tone set by Thomas a Kempis However serious illness overtook, and it was his wish for classical scholar Michael Oakley to complete the translation for publication by implication following seamlessly in the Knox style According to the 1959 Foreward over half was rendered by Oakley, from chapter 5 of Book II onwards.Books III and IV of The Imitation hold a particularly vibrant dynamic A touching and disarming conversation between TAK the disciple and Christ The Learner and The Beloved This type of spiritual writing has been termed interior locution putting into words the feeling of what God is saying to the soul It is there for instance in the 14th Century contemporary Julian of Norwich It could also be termed the gift of prophecy cf 1 Corinthians 12 etc It can be found in many other Christian and spiritual publications, such as the 20th Century God Calling.For me the absolute purple patch of the whole work is Chapter 21 of Book III outstanding I have uploaded audio renditions of this to You Tube.If you are looking for a good version of The Imitation, my advice is track down this benchmark Knox Oakley And bravo to Ignatius Press for republishing the formerly out of print Burns and Oates. For those wishing to develop their Christian faith and to deepen their understanding of what it is meant to be truly Christ like a lofty and challenging aspiration in this 21st century then this little book of Thomas A Kempis 1380 1471 may be for you But be warned This is not for the feeble or fickle or novice Catholic Christian Its simplicity will strip you of many preconceived prideful notions that you are leading a good life and that you are a good Christian I suspect many will find this reality check a little too much to handle and will put this little book down after only reading the first couple of pages A reminder that the path to Sainthood is never an easy path.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their Christian faith seriously.

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