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Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife I have read every book in the Serrafyn series at least 4 times Those books detail the world crossing adventures that the Lin and Larry experienced on their first boat I posed a question to Lin, via email, a few years back My question was why did you stop writing about your adventures after you began sailing Tallieisin I do not remember the exact answer, but to paraphrase, she said that they were considering writing another story book in the future Well the future is now with Bull Canyon.After reading and thoroughly enjoying Bull Canyon, I can see now that they needed a transition story book about the creation of Talliesin to set the stage for a book or books about the adventures in Talliesin.I absolutely enjoyed this book If you are new to Lin s writings, strongly consider purchasing her other story books as well.As a side note, there DVD Crusing has no Limits is a must purchase as well. In The Tradition Of A Year In Provence, Lin Pardey Renowned For Her Sailing Narratives Takes You On A Voyage Of The Heart, Sharing Her And Her Husband Larry S Remarkable Tale Of Homesteading With Equal Parts Candor And Humor Internationally Known For Their Sailing Adventures, In Fresh From An Year Journey Where They Forged The Early Years Of Their Marriage On High Seas And In Exotic Locales Lin And Larry Pardey Came To California Looking For A Good Spot To Build A Boat, Test Lin S Skills As A Writer, And Taste The Apparent Security Life Ashore Could Offer Nestled In A Rocky Outcropping Of Sparsely Populated Dirt Roads Miles From The Sea And Miles From Los Angeles, Bull Canyon Would Seem An Unlikely Place For Boat Building Yet When Lin And Larry Set Eyes On The Abandoned Stone Cottage At The Top Of A Rutted Dusty Lane, It Was Love At First Sight The House Was Certainly A Fixer Upper, But There Was Plenty Of Room To Build The Boat Which Would Become Their Soon To Be Famed Lyle Hess Designed Cutter Taleisin This Remarkable Book Tells The Tale Charmingly And Engagingly As Only Lin Pardey Can I have to admit that I put off reading this book for many months thinking, How could building a boat in a canyon be anywhere as interesting and engaging as the many other Pardey adventures But right from the beginning I was caught up in a fascinating story and a real adventure with an amazing, offbeat cast of characters I really enjoyed Lin s honest and personal emotions during both the good and the many trying times For those who feel they know the Pardey s, having read any of their other books, you have a lot to learn about a very interesting, practical, and loving couple Strangely enough, the story also brings out an insightful and entertaining look at how technology affects the lives of people, and this account was long before the internet and smartphones The book is not a detailed look at boatbuilding or writing, but it is about wild life Loved it. I loved being swept away to Bull Canyon I enjoyed Linn Pardey s writing style With her words I saw the canyon and felt the breezes I thought she very bravely shared her feelings and inner thoughts and shares with the reader not only a wonderful, true story of the adventure of living in this canyon with no phones or electricity in a small stone cottage, but also the joy of working steadily toward building this boat that would bring even bigger adventure It was easy to read and Ioved the way she shared the relationship between her and her husband and let the reader share in their lives I love true stories Especially ones where people overcome great obstacles to attain their goals and this book is all of that So fun to read I am concerned for those who read this and fall for the traditional boat building argument that a lot of people will see as a good thing Today, and in the time they were building their boat you cold have taken your money to any number of places and bought yourself a really able cruiser, made from superior materials, for far less money and effort than they spent Fiberglass and aluminum is far better than wood in every possible way.I see a Tahiti Ketch in someone s back yard someone started on many years ago that will never be finished, although for the last 10 years it appears to be almost finished You can buy a far better boat for less than what it would cost to truck it to the water and rig that thing, and, while it may have been a good boat 40 years ago, today it isn t You want to go cruising Go buy an Eriscon 29 and go Forget building your own boat for ten times the cost, no matter how romantic the notion is.I was disappointed with their property development efforts, but when their real beliefs took over they cured the disappointment My experience is that property developers want to build things they want to move away from when they are complete I think they realized this. When I first read Capable Cruiser and Self Sufficient Sailor many years ago I for a time assumed Larry the author It must have been the chauvinist in me Gradually I became aware that Lin was the wordsmith.It took a little bit but the clearness and simplicity of Lin s writing prevailed over the content I searched She is just a good, plain, clear writer which makes it a delight to read her work I am part way into the book I do not expect to find Steinbeck or Fitzgerald But I will find a pleasant and informative read from a woman s point of view.Let s not forget Larry I have many books on boat building but none as detailed and illustrated as Details of Classic Boat Construction It takes a technical mind like that of the character of the carpenter in one of Faulkner s books to read it and some degree of perseverance but it is all there The reader s perseverance is however negligible to the craftsman who wrote it.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife book, this is one of the most wanted Lin Pardey author readers around the world.

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