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Iterate and Optimize: Optimize Your Creative Business for Profit The Top To Bottom Guide To Taking Your Writing And Publishing Business From Square One To Stratosphere Iterate And Optimize Is A Behind The Scenes Peek Into How Indie Publishing Company Sterling Stone Grew Their Three Author Team Into A Juggernaut, And A Next Level Guide For Authors Looking To Explode Their Sales And Do The Same In Their Cornerstone Publishing Guide Write Publish Repeat Best Selling Authors Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt, And David Wright Explained How To Build A Thriving International Publishing Empire With No Luck Required Rather Than Resting On Their Laurels In The Years Since WPR Was Written, They Ve Been Evolving Their Once Fledgling Business A Little Bit At A Time Expanding To Eight Publishing Imprints, High Profile Podcasts, A Coordinated Staff Working Behind The Scenes, Millions Of Words Published, And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Books In The Hands Of Eager Readers In Iterate And Optimize, They Show You How They Grew Their Business From The Ground Up In Tiny, Incremental Steps, And Give You A Road Map So That You Can Do It, Too More Than Just Another Self Publishing Guide , This Book Delves Deep Into The Business Behind The Success Of Platt, Truant, And Wright S Company Sterling Stone, Making It The Essential Advanced Course Follow Up To Write Publish Repeat Covering Topics Like Exclusive Versus Going Wide Distribution International And Multi Format Sales Optimizing Book Covers, Descriptions, And Metadata To Increase Conversion Company Organization And Outsourcing Product Funnels Series Structure Networking And In Person Meet Ups Workflow Management And Systems The Writing And Pre Writing Process So You Can Write Better Faster Social Media Podcasting Crowdfunding Advertising And Marketing And Much This book spoke to me in volumes.As a self published, indie author myself, I have been following these guys for a couple of months or so, and cannot praise them enough for the work they re dedicating to help other writers who wish to publish without the barriers of publishing agents and publishers.Iterate and Optimize is a fantastic insight into the heads of three indie authors who have been there, and admit that, although they have not yet made it in the conventional sense, they re doing what they love for a living It is not only an inspiring insight into how you can make tracks as an indie author in today s age, but also a reflection on what has and hasn t worked for themselves, and how it might benefit others in the same position.My favourite part of the book is how they often reinforce that, although it worked for them, and they ve found their methods, they re not saying that everything here is gospel They re merely things that worked for them, and they re sharing that with an audience who are looking to try similar things.The only part I didn t feel really fitted though I understand why it s there , was the interviews at the end Even in the way they re written they feel like clips from their Self Publishing Podcast, which I already listen to a lot For me, I feel I d rather just listen to those clips than read them, but I can see their purpose for those that may be unfamiliar with SPP.For me, this was inspiring, motivating, and certainly a fair amount of help I m already looking at rejigging my own profiles and book collections based on their advice as it just makes sense.This book is a must for anyone who truly is interested in the world of indie publishing and would like to see an overview on how three guys certainly did it.Rock on, guys. This was the inspirational nonfiction read on indie publishing I have been waiting for I had a break planned in Cornwall and this was the perfect read for the train I ve been following Johnny, Sean and Dave since the early days of their Self Publishing Podcast and avidly devoured Write, Rinse, Repeat , the prelude to this fine tome.I m currently working for the journey of writing and building an imprint publishing business so this fly on the wall focus on their Sterling and Stone business is a compelling insight into all the growing pains, the mistakes and the successes that have marked their journey since conception.All the potential pitfalls are here and if you re a self published author let s call it indie author or thinking about going that route you should heed the trio s smarter artist approach the authorpreneur way of doing things We re in a new world when it comes to publishing so shake off those traditional pre conceptions.Let s be clear, the SPP guys elaborate in their antidotes, history and examples which I love and if you allow yourself to go with their journey you will be hugely rewarded.Highly Recommended Buy unless you haven t readWrite Publish Repeat The No Luck Required Guide to Self Publishing Success The Smarter Artist Book 1 yet In which case buy that first. Fascinating follow up to Write.Publish.Repeat What I especially love is the honesty and lack of ego It offers a valuable insight into the authors journey and doesn t gloss over the mistakes in favour of bigging up their many successes It is also a reminder that hard work is necessary There are no quick wins but graft, sass, commitment and evolving your workflow will lead you down the right path towards a writing career.

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