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Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust: How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our Lives I have been fascinated by game theory for sometime Beyond watching a few documentaries about it, I know relatively little I toyed with the idea of reading Neumann s and Morgenstern s book but at a hefty 40 price tag I thought something accessable was, perhaps, in order I plumbed for this one.Shapira s book gives a good grounding in the princples of game theory and how it can apply in real life situatations using the well known game theory dilemmas and paradoxes It is not a text book on the subject but it does give a good introduction I should describe it as a good starting point.Shapira describes the cases clearly enough for the layman to understand There is no impenetrable mathematics Whether this is considered a good or a bad thing depends on what the reader is hoping to get out of the book.If you have heard of game theory and want to know what it is all about then this is the book for you If you want to study it in detail then I suggest you look elsewhere.Is this book going to change your life Probably not significantly but hopefully it will have the reading seeing things, especially events on the world stage, in a new light. Well written, it may start you wondering if your friends are really what they seem Then again, maybe the strategies will make you wonder if you can get one over on them without them realising For most of this book I didn t really see the point, perhaps the explanations were lacking or something The chapter at the end, presenting or summarising conclusions was in my opinion quite badly written I didn t see much explanation of how The Theory could be used in real life the Diner s Dilemma for example is surely just a matter of common sense and how to keep your friends by not taking them for a ride.I ve read better analysis of the Cuban missile crisis in a book on negotiation skills.Almost all of the book reminded me of an analysis I read by a Leading Economist of why popcorn is expensive in cinemas his use of economic theory made no sense to me whatsoever and whilst I can see how Game Theory came to be invented I m not much the wiser as to how to apply it in all but the simplest two person situation perhaps there s no way to do that, Yanis Varoufakis didn t have much success in using it when negotiating with the EU. Fantastic read I found this book enlightening and entertaining all at once I could hardly put it down.Shapira has a distinctive voice, always walking a fine line between complex issues and simple but not simplistic explanations that everyone can enjoy, no matter their background. Not a bad book Quite light on science but an easy and enjoyable read. I am enjoying the book immensely, but the 3 stars is for my Kindle copy reading it on a mobile device other than a Kindle Every time there is a description of the possible outcomes of a particular game, at least half of a couple of the outcomes is missing These explanations are what helps make the book could someone please fix this This book is specifically for those interested in strategic thinking It is a brain twister rather than a light read. A Seriously Playful Book That Will Inform, Transform, Delight As Well As Enlighten You Tal Ben Shahar, Author And Harvard University LecturerHaim Shapira Was Born In Lithuania In And Immigrated To Israel In , Where He Earned A PhD In Mathematical Genetics For His Dissertation On Game Theory And Another PhD For His Research About The Mathematical And Philosophical Approaches To Infinity He Teaches Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy, And Literature Haim Is An Author Of Seven Best Selling Books Shapira Is Not Trying To Make His Readers Agree With Him, But Simply Encourages Them To Enjoy Thinking He Is One Of Israel S Most Popular And In Demand Speakers And Gives Lectures On Creativity And Strategic Thinking, Existential Philosophy And Philosophy In Children S Literature, Happiness And Optimism, Nonsense And Insanity, Imagination And The Meaning Of Meaning, As Well As Friendship And Love He Is Also An Accomplished Pianist And An Avid Collector Of Anything Beautiful

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