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How to Back Up a Trailer: ...and 101 Other Things Every Real Guy Should Know The Manual No Real Guy Should Be WithoutMotor Oil, Beer, And Charcoal Thats What Real Men Are Made Of A Real Man Should Be Able To Swap Out The Cars Spark Plugs And Change Its Oil As His Freshly Caught Fish Smokes On Open Flame All While Shotgunning A Beer For How To Instructions On These And Other Equally Manly Activities, You Need How To Back Up A Trailer Its The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Better Know How To Do, Like Rotate Your Cars Tires And Change Its Brake Pads, Swing A Bat Like A Homerun Hitter, Build And Light A Campfire During A Rainstorm, Install An Electrical Outlet In Your Home, And Tap A Keg For The Perfect Beer Flow.Read It Learn It Live It With How To Back Up A Trailer, Youll Never Have To Stop And Ask For Directions Again. Perfect funny book I leave out for guests Was a good entertaining read Gave as gift Will have to go and have a poo to re read it. Great information on how to do things right Hard things explained on how to make things simple for every guy This is an awesome book There are 101 things that every guy should know Some I knew already Some I didn t The instructions for each are understandable and practical I ve read it and re read it several times Some of these things I hope to try out Some I hope I never have to try out, but I am glad that now I have some idea what to do.I bought a copy for my brother This book is a great gift for recent graduates, teenage or young adult sons, and for young men you are mentoring.

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