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Neuro Design: Neuromarketing Insights to Boost Engagement and Profitability A Super, Easy To Read Book Demystifying The World Of Neuro Design, Addressing The Balance Between The Role Of Human Creativity And That Of Neuroscience In Modern Design If You Think Neuro Design Is About Creating Bland Designs By Deconstructing Beauty, You Need To Read This Book It S Not About That At All Darren Bridger Introduces All The Major Themes, Key Methods And Tools Underlying The Science In Engaging, Manageable Chunks Any Book That Explains The Allure Of Memes Has To Get Five Stars From Me Jamie Croggon, Design Director, SharkNinja With Solid Science As The Starting Point, Darren Bridger Provides An Eminently Practical Guide To Designing For Your Customer S Brain Neuro Design Is Packed With Actionable Strategies And Techniques, And Is A Must Read For Every Marketer And Designer Roger Dooley, Author Of Brainfluence A Topic Which Should Be Of Great Importance To Anyone In The Business Of Retailing, Advertising And Marketing Darren Bridger Deals With Complex Topics In An Engaging And Practical Manner, Covering All Aspects Of The Interplay Between Brain Function And Product Design Such An Understanding Is Crucial For Ensuring Consumers Stop And Buy, Rather Than Walking On By Dr David Lewis, Chairman Of Mindlab International Author Of The Brain Sell Enables Those Involved With The Design And Development Of Online Content To Increase The Credibility And Persuasiveness Of Their Work And Turn Website Visitors Into CustomersIntroduces Readers To New, Cutting Edge Ideas From The Academic Literature As Well As Commercial Research In Relation To Neuro Design And NeuroaestheticsExplains High Level, Complex Neuro Research In Plain EnglishFeatures Many Real World Case Studies, Including Coca Cola, Procter Gamble, Radware And Apple WatchOnline Resources Web Links To Inspiring Reading And Further Website Resources

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    The author of this book is highly knowledgeable and experienced in neuromarketing practice, pioneering the growth of the industry Neuro Design will provide you with a range of tools and techniques for a effective creative process The book draws from many fields including neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology it will provide deep scientific

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    I have a degree In web graphic design, we focused on communication design in particular so not all the information in this book was new to me, but there was a lot that was The contextualisation within this book also enabled me to retain the new information I had just read, this book is an excellent read for professionals and an essential read for anyone who w

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    This is a well written and useful book It definitely does what it says on the tine and is packed with useful tips and tricks for every designer Unlike some books which are padded out with extraneous detail, Bridger s is laser focused on distilling only the techniques that will move the needle in design effectiveness I particularly enjoyed the parts on Neuro Aesthe

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    Darren s previous book, Decoding the Irrational Consumer, was the first practical, nuts and bolts, how to guide to the new field of neuromarketing No over hyping or crazy claims, just a clear explanation of what went into a neuromarketing study and how those studies could produce business benefits This new book, Neuro Design, takes that practical approach a step furthe

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    This book is great In fact, I think it s one of the best neuromarketing books out here, and it comes with a lot of information that the other books on neuromarketing do not have.This book is def underrated, and you should highly consider it if you intend to be a great neuromarketer NOT a paid review I did not receive anything in exchange for this review Just bought the book

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    Looking at how design in today s world works, Neuro Design links human psychology with technology, through web designs, viral images, for example It still proves that humans are irrational creatures, but you will understand just how, in this book.I enjoyed the facts in this book as they are interlaced with humour just looking at the memes figures made me laugh and stories I coul

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