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Making Star Trek: The Next Generation Even Better (Analysis) (Scifi TV Analysis Book 1) Star Trek The Next Generation had a lot of good things going for it Visually, it was a treat the colorful uniforms, the sets, the spaceships, Counselor Troi in certain outfits, etc Some of the characters like Picard and Data were very interesting The show also had a lot of intriguing ideas about time travel, parallel dimensions, clones, robots and other classic sci fi themes But some of these ideas were either executed poorly, or weren t written as well as they could have been Some episodes felt like they were dropped in from soap operas or Sesame Street and had little to do with Star Trek At times the behavior of many of the characters simply was not realisticThe purpose of this book is to show how much better The Next Generation could have been, critiquing both the plot and the characterizations

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  1. Scott Urquhart Scott Urquhart says:

    This is a fun, nostalgic and humorous look back at one of my favorite TV series of all time Steve s format is simple recap episode, list likes, list dislikes and then suggest how each episode could have been improved Obviously a subjective perspective but Steve keeps it light and funny Equally enternaining is simply being reminded of many, many classic TNG episodes and scenes If you re a TNG fan this is a good, fun easy read Thanks Steve

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