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Sniper One: The Blistering True Story of a British Battle Group Under Siege I usually avoid books like this since being conned by Andy McNabb s fantasy Bravo Two Zero Having never heard of the events surrounding Cimic House, I did some research and having discovered the basic facts were true, bought the book It has to be said that it reads like a fictional novel and suffers, somewhat, from an over indulgence in the cruder aspects of life I am no prude, far from it, but the accounts of one soldiers sexual habits and wrapping feces in clingfilm add nothing to the story really and, for me, detracted from an otherwise excellent narrative No doubt some will disagree, suggesting that it adds some warts and all element You decide.That said, Dan Mills does a workmanlike job in describing the experience of soldiers pitched into an intensive and unexpected siege Before departing from Tidworth Barracks, we are told of the soldiers hopes of seeing some action and the exuberance of professional soldiers and their wish to test themselves and their training is well expressed If it might appear a bit bloodthirsty and, to some, distasteful, it is an honest and understandable emotion The book makes no apology that soldiers are trained to fight and kill effectively and that they did so is described, in detail, despite supposedly being on a peacekeeping mission.However, these men are not emotionless killing machines and I particularly like the passage in which, whilst on patrol, they visited a British war cemetery containing the graves of soldiers killed decades before Their quiet humility as they wandered through the weed choked remains of thousands of forgotten graves is a sharp counterpoint to the usual exuberance of these young warriors It helps build the picture of ordinary young men in extraordinary circumstances.The two part battle and siege is, of course, the core story It is told with understandable pride, humour and pathos Some may struggle with the soldiers obvious satisfaction in killing the enemy and their apparent lack of regret at taking a life For me, it was refreshing to read an account of modern warfare which was shorn of any sense of false morality These young men were trained to do a task which most wouldn t contemplate and that they did it so well, under appalling conditions, is something to be highly commended.As the story comes to a close there is, for me, another golden nugget The description of the conversation between a senior NCO sitting in the derelict compound and the Quartermaster back at base As the QM reads through a list of kit he expects to be returned and, to each item, the NCO responds destroyed , the bean counters can be heard crying all the way to Whitehall.It may be politically incorrect to say I enjoyed the book, but I did Thoroughly If I feel any regret for the Iraqis who died it is this Sorry you decided to take on the British Army There really could be only one outcome Where to start A full on description technically and emotionally from the Y company commander of the PoWRR time in Cimic House I have read this 4 times now and its still as captivating now as the first time A truly stunning story of a great bunch of soldiers By the end if it you almost feel you know them personally. Very well written and excellent descriptions of events and emotions Illustrates the determination and high quality of the British Serviceman and how well they behave and respond to circumstances not of their making Great resolve and determination demonstrated even for a task where it was becoming apparent that the long terms aims, even if these had been established, were not going to be achieved The qualities demonstrated by the UK forces not matched in the qualities and honesty of the political masters that ordered them there. Like most people in the UK at the time this story was taking place, I was unaware of the situation within Iraq, that British soldiers were facing everyday.To go through the things described in this book, only to find that people back home were completely clueless must of been totally frustrating Some couldn t give a damn, which is unforgivable.Well told, from someone in the middle of it, warts and allincluding the subject of the Snatch Landrovers that were ill suited for the environment that they found themselves in, the book isn t afraid to admit that being a soldier means that most want action, and enjoy it.Without getting too bogged down in the why we were there, or the if s, this is a story of the modern soldier facing conditions that shouldn t be a reality in a modern world.Makes the Monday morning commute look like a piece of piss. A riveting read so much so I couldn t put it down until I had finished it It tells the true story of a company of soldiers facing an enemy who played by their own rules and not those of the Geneva Convention that the British Army had to in Iraq It typifies the bravery and professionalism of a platoon of highly skilled soldiers, unique in their role as snipers I have the utmost respect for our soldiers and this true story reinforces that even It puts the soldier s perspective of war clearly in the spotlight and importantly helps the general public have a clear understanding of what our Armed Forces do on our Government s and our behalf A must read for anyone wanting find out about the PWRR s experience in Al Amarah and how that unit in particular fought to survive Highly recommended non fiction account eloquently written by Sgt Dan Mills, a true leader and one of the many heroes who served in Iraq. We All Saw It At Once Half A Dozen Voices Screamed, Grenade Simultaneously Then Everything Went Into Slow Motion The Grenade Took An Age To Travel Through Its Metre Arc A Dark, Small Oval Shaped Package Of Misery The Size Of A Peach April Dan Mills And His Platoon Of Snipers Flew Into Southern Iraq, Part Of An Infantry Battalion Sent To Win Hearts And Minds They Were Soon Fighting For Their Lives Back Home We Were Told They Were Peacekeeping But There Was No Peace To Keep Because Within Days Of Arriving In Theatre, Mills And His Men Were Caught Up In The Longest, Most Sustained Firefight British Troops Had Faced For Over Years This Awe Inspiring Account Tells Of Total War In Throat Burning Winds And Degree Heat, Blasted By Mortars And Surrounded By Heavily Armed Militias For Six Months They Fought Alone Isolated, Besieged And Under Constant Enemy Fire Their Heroic Stand Was A Modern Day Rorke S Drift

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