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Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage This is a very good and useful manual for marriage I wish I have had this book before starting anything or going into relationship It is not too late to fix things if both parties are willing to, is still a good book to prepare young ones to build a good marriage foundation. It meets than my expectations The book was written expertly and goes into great and important details about the topic I highly recommend it It can positively change the way people live and enjoy life here on earth. nice books and quick delivery havent read teh book yet but am surely i ll enjoy it as i usually enoy Munroes writings. Fast delivery great content too I love the biblical principles taught in this book.. The book met all expectations I have always dreamt of having this book when my sis got this book and I read it Unfortunately, I could not get the book in Nigeria Today, I am a proud owner of the book The book is recommended to anyone who desires a good marriage and anyone going through any sort of Marriage crises I love the book Thnaks Am,azon, you made this possible for me to be able to get it at a cheaper rate love love love the book, great foundation book for any marriage whether new or old. An excellent read and good for anyone in a marriage or going to marry How Many Of Us Truly Understand Love Probably No Other Dimension Of Human Experience Has Been Pondered, Discussed, Debated, Analyzed, And Dreamed About Than The Nature Of True Love Yet, For All Our Thinking And Talking, Where Can We Turn For Genuine Insight In Matters Of True Love Dr Myles Munroe Provides Answers To The Questions Surrounding The True Nature Of Love As He Exposes The False Images Created In Our Culture He Shares Practical And Realistic Truths That Will Enable You To Discover And Experience Love For God, For Yourself, For Your Mate, And For Those Around You How Many Of Us Truly Understand Marriage At One Point Or Another Every Newlywed Couple Has To Face The Question, Okay, We Re Married Now What We Are In Love, But How Do We Build A Successful Life Together, One Characterized By A Lifetime Of Love, Joy, Friendship, And Fruitfulness Once Again, Dr Myles Munroe Provides Practical, Sensible Solutions For Couples In The Areas Of Communication, Financial Management, And True Intimacy This Book Is A Simple And Refreshingly Usable Guide That Will Help Young Couples Chart Their Way To Marital Success And Avoid The Things That Could Cause Their Marriages To Flounder

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