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The Culture Map (INTL ED): Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures I had started reading this book 2 years ago at a friend s place It s full of wisdom, and although I do not manage a multi cultural team, I am part of one The scales system is good to know anyway, wether because you travel around the world, or you have international colleagues, or you are simply interested in how culture affects a lot than we suspect I would recommend it to people studying linguistics and foreign languages in University as well This book is truly fascinating and I will probably finish it super quickly Also, I think it could be a good gift to your manager if you think it might help your multi cultural team One of my favourite books I have used this over and over again in coaching and teaching in companies or in the international corporate world before I went self employed It has so much great insight into the different cultures I hope it will be updated one day to incorporate the new eastern european countries that are and in focus today. An elemental guide to global communications and collaboration If your role involves working with people from other countries or from different cultures which is most of us now this book should be read immediately The text is comprised of wonderfully warm and experential expertise, enriched with numerous anecdotes and reference points Don t risk banging your head against an alien working style, read this book and understand how to observe, love and cherish differences If I had two pairs of hands I d give this book four thumbs up I was lucky enough to hear this enthralling lady talk a while back, so buying her book was a must As busy and diverse humans we can sometimes become insensitive to other cultures, their idiosyncrasies, their customs and their very unique personalities This book is a fascinating read, helping us to understand what drives other cultures, how we can better understand them and them us and how we all differ in who we are, and what we do, and how to understand this and use it constructively as we travel, work and relax This is not a tree hugging self help pamphlet, but an excellent guide to who we are and how to understand our fellow man A very well written book This book is very much around practical experiences and not the theory of culture It provides some great insights that can easily be re used in other and perhaps your circumstances Well worth a read, for both business i.e working with off shore teams or international teams and personal development i.e when you are considering to move to another country I ended up using this book in my training material and hand it out to attendees. It s a series of unqualified generalisations i do not recommend this if you really want a book that s going to help you to decode How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures such insights only arise from rigorous research, rather than soundbites, based on little than personal impressions. The Book Abounds With Well Chosen Anecdotes To Illustrate The Misunderstandings That Can Arise From Clashing Cultural Assumptions, Making This Enlightening Book A Pleasure To Read Foreign Affairs Whether You Are Sitting At A Desk In Boston Or Eating At A Restaurant In Beijing, Communicating Across Cultures Is The Great Challenge Of The Global Economy Getting It Right Will Be The The Difference Between Success And Failure Erin Meyer Shows You How To Get It Right In This Very Important Book Managers Everywhere Should Read It Des Dearlove And Stuart Crainer, Founders Of The Thinkers Whether You Re A Corporate Or Traditional Diplomat, Global Traveler, Government Official, Or Passionate World Citizen, This Is The One Book You Should Not Miss Chock Full Of Real World Examples And A Simple Framework That Can Be Utilized In Any Cross Cultural Context, Meyer S Work Is Characterized By A Fresh And Relevant Voice, Distilling Down The Essentials Of Communicating, Persuading And Working Effectively Around The Globe It Is Rare That I Pick Up A Cross Cultural Book And Can T Put It Down Cari Guittard, Huffington PostA Bounds With Well Chosen Anecdotesenlighteninga Pleasure To Read Foreign Affairs Erin Meyer describes an easy and applicable framework for working with and understanding other cultures She gives illustrative examples I have been studying and working across Europe for almost 10 years now and I have met people from all over the world The book has definitely helped me identify cultural working habits and has enhanced my understanding of working with other cultures I actually ordered two books in case I want to give one as a present to a friend.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Culture Map (INTL ED): Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures book, this is one of the most wanted Erin Meyer author readers around the world.