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Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World Not read it yet but I know it will help people to stop being anxious as he is a good author Anxiety Is At An All Time High, But There S A Prescription For Dealing With It Max Lucado Invites Listeners Into A Study Of Philippians , Where The Apostle Paul Admonishes The Followers Of Christ, Do Not Be Anxious About Anything Philippians Encourages The Believer To Be Anxious For Nothing As Lucado States, The Apostle Paul Seems To Leave Little Leeway Here Be Anxious Of Nothing Nada Zilch Zero What S He Suggesting That We Should Literally Be Anxious For Absolutely Nothing Lucado Says, The Presence Of Anxiety Is Unavoidable, But The Prison Of Anxiety Is Optional It S The Life Of Perpetual Anxiety That Paul Wants To Address Don T Let Anything In Life Leave You Perpetually In Angst Americans Especially Know About Living In Perpetual Anxiety According To One Research Program, Anxiety Related Issues Are The Number One Mental Health Problem Among Women And Are Second Only To Alcohol And Drug Abuse Among Men Stress Related Ailments Cost The Nation Billion Every Year In Medical Bills And Lost Productivity And Use Of Sedative Drugs Like Xanax And Valium Have Skyrocketed In The Last Years Even Students Are Feeling It One Psychologist Reports That The Average High School Kid Today Has The Same Level Of Anxiety As The Average Psychiatric Patient In The Early S The News About Our Anxiety Is Enough To Make Us Anxious, Says Lucado But There S A Prescription For Dealing With It Lucado Invites Listeners Into A Study Of Philippians , The Most Highlighted Passage Of Any Book On The Planet, According To Do Not Be Anxious About Anything, But In Every Situation, By Prayer And Petition, With Thanksgiving, Present Your Requests To God And The Peace Of God, Which Transcends All Understanding, Will Guard Your Hearts And Your Minds In Christ Jesus With His Help You Will Learn To Face The Calamities Of Life You Ll Learn How To Talk Yourself Off The Ledge Under The Guidance Of The Holy Spirit, You Will Learn To View Bad News Through The Lens Of Sovereignty, To Discern The Lies Of Satan And Tell Yourself The Truth You Will Manifest A Gentleness That Is Evident To Others Anxiety Comes With Life But It Doesn T Have To Dominate Your Life Best book I ve read in ages, and it helped me so much with my anxiety Would definitely recommend and have already I read this book after recent problems which we all have in our life. I love Max Lucado s books i have always been very inspired by every book of his that I have read I enjoyed some of it but some chapter never got to grips with Wonderful advise, here is an example You cannot control the circumstances, but you can always control what you think of them. As a Christian writer he really helps to keep you focused on what is important

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