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There were some great tips on HMOs in here however towards the end I started to get the feeling this was a less than honest depiction and slightly unrealistic version of events Together with some morally questionable strategies and a significant amount of time and typos spent selling his seminars, I would say not great but a quick and easy intro just beware the salesman It s an inspiring book but doesn t go into any depth on actually how to build a property business successfully There s a massive lack of detail and also the book needs to be updated I feel like property authors do this just so they can get you to send thousands on their training programs Would be nice to find a book that actually breaks down what you can do to get your first deal Some of the advice given is old and needs updating I bought this book about 6 weeks ago and having read and understood it clear and concise wanted to know.Basically I ve booked and attended his 2 day property investment seminar off the back of this book and let me take a couple of sections Chapter 4, HMO s The case study was put into practice i.e how to work out the figures, exactly as stated.Chapter 5, Professional Deal Sourcing Put into practice exactly as set out and using the 5 point checklist I personally sourced 4 properties and worked out the ROI.I don t write reviews but seriously this book not only opens your eyes to the possibilities, but actually gives you the practical steps to follow in a clear way, to actually find and do the deals.P.S the reason I attended the seminar was to network and meet other people who want to get into property investment, plus the price Happy reading and make sure you put it into action Got value from Samuels book than a 2500 course I can t believe it Samuels book teachs not only about well tested property strategies, and.mostly important for me was how to negotiate with the seller, something my expensive course failed to do.It makes me wonderHow convenient to leave out the most important part of the property puzzle Here the thingSamuel teaches us what other property experts don t.I just went to a property course that has promised that there would be no up sells and that everything we needed would be taught and that no stone would be left untuned..blah, blah, blahAnd guess whatThe most important stuff I wanted to learn about was left out and so, they tried to sell us a 15,000 VIP.Frankly even if they offered it to me for free right now, I wouldn t do it To me it was a breach of trust and I was very disappointed, not because the expensive VIP programme but the fact they hold back on important info to actually get started without the VIP programme.Buy Low, Rent High its very easy to read and teaches everything we need to know to get started Buy Low Rent High Will Challenge The Conventional Approach To Property Investing Teach How Anybody Can Buy Property With No Money Explain Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Property Reveal Strategies That Work In The Real World To Create Fast Financial Freedom Samuel Leeds Has Helped Thousands Of Investors Towards Achieving Their Goal Of Financial Freedom Being Able To Make Complicated Strategies Become Simple Philosophies, Samuel Has Earned A Reputation For Being One Of The Most Inspiring Investors In The UK poor book, most useful information is freely available on you tube I was under the impression i was getting an actual book however the font size is huge and only goes down two thirds of the page Some useful points but not worth the The actual useful tips probably could have been printed on the back The rest of the content reads a like a kind of autobiography.Its fine but just dont expect to learn much. I feel like there are about 10 pages of content here stretched very thinly.Poorly written, little details, typos This is a cash in and won t teach you much about property investment. Excellent and conveniently short read that covers a useful tried and tested method to be successful in UK property investing I cannot recommend this book enough The book walks you through key things you need to look for when spotting, buying and renting HMO s Including pitfalls to avoid.It also covers buying houses with No Money Down NMD such as rent to rent or lease options Overall, a good starter for any serious property investor.I d recommend as a follow up read The Complete Guide to Property Investment by Rob Dix Also excellent. Buy Low Rent High: How Anyone Can Be Financially Free in the Next 12 Months by Investing in Property

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Buy Low Rent High: How Anyone Can Be Financially Free in the Next 12 Months by Investing in Property book, this is one of the most wanted Samuel Leeds author readers around the world.

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