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Things I'll Never forget: Memories of a Marine in Viet Nam What a bloody good read this book had,lots of very funny parts in it that made me laugh but it also told of the real life these guys had to endure,its such a shame that many of the Americans held them in such contempt,how wrong they were in treating them in such a way when they were lucky enough to return back home when they were just doing there job under such awfull conditions in in the name of freedom right or wrong. James M Dixon Is A Former Marine, Viet Nam Veteran And Retired Jr High School Teacher Who Taught And Coached For Years He Has Lived With His Memories Of Being An Infantry Rifleman And His Month Tour, For Years The Memories Of The Men He Knew And Their Heroism Have Stayed A Part Of His Personality And Sharing These Stories Has Helped Him And Hopefully Will Help The Readers Understand Those Memories The author goes into detail than most relating to his negative experiences with stark honesty, not pulling punches regards the death of innocent civilians at the hands of the Marines There are no central single battles he focuses on, a memoir of his tour This actually allows the reader to get an insight and detail into the mundane day to day Grunt experience which is neglected in other books on the subject There s even a detailed breakdown of the contents of C Rations which I ve often wondered about Well worth a read I gave the book 5 deserved stars The book takes you from enlistment to the end of the tour and is hard to put down Its very boots on the ground giving a minute insight into the day to day life of the ordinary marine Not full of unnecessary gore Combat descriptions seem to be taken from what he saw and not embellished or livened up Full of moments some funny some sad but written in a way that says its from memory Recommended to anyone who likes first hand accounts i think mr Dixon could write a pretty good book about his 30 odd years as a teacher after the war. The author paints a telling picture of the reality of the draft I am his age and ashamed now of how we heaped blame on those who simply did what they were called to do for their country in this conflict Read this book and understand a little of the lives of those who survived and of the many who did not Honour to them all. I m just about old enough to recall the TV coverage of these events Reading this gentlemans account of his experiences brought me to tears many times during the couple of days it took me to finish the book I can t imagine the events the people endured.A superbly written piece of work I don t know what else I can say So I am not particularly knowledgeable on Vietnam war history Living in the UK it s not an area of history we really cover at school However I like reading first hand accounts and I read some written by US marines in WW2 I then saw this book and thought I d give it a go I m pleased I did I liked the style of writing and found it very interesting and moving to read I feel I understand a little bit of what it must have been like Very happy to give this book 5 stars Good to hear the truth about what life was like for those men who served their Country, lost friends, experienced horrific events and still live with the haunting memories of the VietNam war, I still find it extremely sad the way those men were treated when returning home from that war whether they enlisted or were drafted in, I don t or will never understand why they were to blame for what happened there, ask your Government why, not these men why they took orders as soldier s do

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