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Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice With Her Previous Best Sellers, Dr Bren Brown Helped Us Realize That Vulnerability Is The Birthplace For Trust, Belonging, Joy, Creativity, And Love Yet A Willingness To Be Vulnerable Means Accepting That Life Will Sometimes Knock Us Down Where Do We Find The Strength To Get Back Up In Her Research For Her Breakthrough Book Rising Strong, Bren Discovered A Key Factor Without Exception, She Says, The Concept Of Spirituality Emerged From The Data As A Critical Component Of Overcoming Struggle In Rising Strong As A Spiritual Practice, Bren Offers An In Depth Exploration Of This Critical And Oft Misunderstood Aspect Of Wholehearted Living Here She Defines Spirituality As Something Not Reliant On Religion, Theology, Or Dogma Rather, It Is A Belief In Our Interconnectedness And In A Loving Force Greater Than Ourselves Whether You Access The Sacred Through Traditional Worship, Solitary Meditation, Communion With Nature, Or Creative Pursuits, One Thing Is Clear Rising Strong After Falling Is A Spiritual Practice That Brings A Sense Of Perspective, Meaning, And Purpose To Our Lives PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio

9 thoughts on “Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice

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    I love Brene Brown talks and this talk does not disappoint She is so refreshing and funny making it easy to go along on your self development journey.

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    I liked the fact that itiis audible yet flowing and entertaining

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    I have been avoiding her too popular, too lauded, too many out of context quotes all over Facebook This gave me a chance to hear her talking in person and I ve decided based on listening that I want to learn However I

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    Love it, love it, love it Love Brene.

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    This is a recording of Dr Brown sharing her work as documented in some of her previous books at a seminar Although I read all of her books, her ability to bring it all together into a coherent narrative along with her wonderful talent for

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    Very downhome and approachable presentation and discussion of the principles and application of rising strong Listened to it start to finish during a road trip It gave me hope and made me laugh In addition to helping me move through some ongoing pe

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    This was recommended to me, I ve now listened to it several timesevery time I gain another nugget of wisdom Totally worth purchasing.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this on my drive to from work It was a great start and end to my work day I caught myself laughing out loud and re listening to portions because what Brene said was so profound I highly recommend it

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    Powerful, thoughtful inspiring lecture talk by Brene Enough unique content and method of presentation makes it worthwhile even for those who ve read her books.

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