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Cutting Back: My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto At , Leslie Buck Made An Impulsive Decision To Put Her Personal Life On Hold To Pursue Her Passion Leaving Behind A Full Life Of Friends, Love, And Professional Security, She Became The First American Woman To Learn Pruning From One Of The Most Storied Landscaping Companies In Kyoto Cutting Back Recounts Buck S Bold Journey And The Revelations She Has Along The Way During Her Apprenticeship In Japan, She Learns That The Best Kyoto Gardens Look So Natural They Appear Untouched By Human Hands, Even Though Her Crew Spends Hours Meticulously Cleaning Every Pebble In The Streams She Is Taught How To Bring Nature S Essence Into A Garden Scene, How To Design With Native Plants, And How To Subtly Direct A Visitor Through A Landscape But She Learns The Most Important Lessons From Her Fellow Gardeners How To Balance Strength With Grace, Seriousness With Humor, And Technique With Heart

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    The details of the process of getting an internship and of the work itself were interesting, but I thought the reflexions of the author about her boyfriend and other love interest were out of place I wanted to read a gardening book

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    Really good book, which says a lot about gardening and Japanese culture.I d score it higher, except that its appeal is probably limited to quite a small group.

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    Well received gift First delivery never received, second delivered as promised.

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    As a keen gardener I am always eager to read of how gardening is approached around the world, so this book grabbed my interest as it s the story of Leslie Buck who moves from America to Japan for 3 seasons to challenge herself and her gardening outlook And it is a fascinating insight into her as a person, and how the art of gardening can be so different from one country to another.In America she ha

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    A very interesting story well told What a difficult three months the author had but probably the most impactful three months of her life Didn t want this book to end How do I find another nature book to match it

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