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Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine Well What can I say Some books leave imprints on your heart and you are never the same And, Profit First is one of those books.This year am committed to understanding and managing my finances and making a profit in my business.By staying open and listening to my heart and taking the first steps, reading Profit First and watching the YouTube videosand opening my Profit First accountI feel confident in achieving my heart s desire.Mike has written a gem of a book which shows you how easy it is to manage your finances I am excited and will be re reading and applying the techniques and mind set shifts as I go along.Highly recommend this book if you are looking for ways to reduce your debt and live a profitable and fun life, without stress or struggle Thank you. Are you are running around trying to work out why your business isn t earning you any money that you can actually spend on yourself This book will probably explain why You ve most likely worked hundreds of hours setting up and developing your business The 2 to 3 hours that you invest in reading this how to manual will likely save you hundreds As it turns out most the processes proposed by the author are very close to the principals that I used to apply to an online training business I ran for over 20 years People wondered how the business virtually ran itself and was in profit from the first month It s no longer a secret, this guy blabbed Oooof This book made me take a long, hard look at my finances and I did not like what I saw.Some books are life changing, and I think this is one of them I loved it Because, like many business owners, I often don t really know what s going on with my numbers and that s a problem.Maybe this sounds familiar to you You ve done great You ve made a profit of lots of moolah after taxes and expenses And you do a little jig, because how cool is that Only where is that money It s certainly not sitting in a fat pile in your bank account, is it So you look at your accountant, perplexed, and say, Wait I ve made all that profit but where is it Oh, it s gone, she says airily You ve spent it What How can it be profit then At which point your head explodes.Well, this is the book you need to read It helped me understand exactly what s going on.The author has been in exactly our position and much, much worse He s gone from millions in the bank to his last few quid then lost that And he s been as confused as the rest of us.So he wrote this book to come up with a system that works for real humans Because sorry accountants most of us business owners do not and will not ever think like accountants We will not sit for hours poring over statements and spreadsheets and profit and loss calculations We just won t.So the author came up with the Profit First system My accountant tells me it s the accounting system under another name, but that s the point He uses normal people words, ideas, and examples He takes accounts and puts them in a format I can understand and gives me a system I can not only understand but will actually use.When you ve read the book, do the things the author tells you to do Do the instant assessment of your business It ll hurt, but only briefly then you can start to fix things This is one of those things you won t want to do because it s scary But once you face the music and know exactly what s what, it s like a huge weight has been lifted.This is a beautifully simple book that takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to understand for those of us who can t get their heads around traditional accounts. Wow, this is the book I ve been searching for since I started my business nearly 10 years ago Finance has always been one of the biggest challenges of growing a business and I ve always found it way too complex.The other big problem is that all you focus on is making profit, and you only find out if you ve made a profit retrospectively.What I love about the Profit First system is that you focus on ensuring you make a profit from day one.We ve also believed in the idea that you need to re invest to build the business and while that has been a success, I can now see that we could have continued to grow the business, provide a great service to our clients and achieve what we wanted, while still making a healthy profit along the way.I honestly wish I d read this 10 years ago It s a top 10 must read business book for me and I ve read a lot.Focus on making a consistent profit and the rest becomes a great deal easier The Author Of Cult Classics The Pumpkin Plan And The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Offers A Simple, Counterintuitive Cash Management Solution That Will Help Small Businesses Break Out Of The Doom Spiral And Achieve Instant Profitability Conventional Accounting Uses The Logical Albeit, Flawed Formula Sales Expenses Profit The Problem Is, Businesses Are Run By Humans, And Humans Aren T Always Logical Serial Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz Has Developed A Behavioral Approach To Accounting To Flip The Formula Sales Profit Expenses Just As The Most Effective Weight Loss Strategy Is To Limit Portions By Using Smaller Plates, Michalowicz Shows That By Taking Profit First And Apportioning Only What Remains For Expenses, Entrepreneurs Will Transform Their Businesses From Cash Eating Monsters To Profitable Cash Cows Using Michalowicz S Profit First System, Listeners Will Learn That Following Four Simple Principles Can Simplify Accounting And Make It Easier To Manage A Profitable Business By Looking At Bank Account Balances A Small, Profitable Business Can Be Worth Much Than A Large Business Surviving On Its Top Line Businesses That Attain Early And Sustained Profitability Have A Better Shot At Achieving Long Term Growth With Dozens Of Case Studies, Practical Step By Step Advice, And His Signature Sense Of Humor, Michalowicz Has The Game Changing Road Map For Any Entrepreneur To Make Money They Always Dreamed Of

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